Magical Moments Between Two Boys & Their Pets (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/PETS) Russian photographer Elena Shumilova is new to the photography scene, yet she’s already produced an amazing set of art.

Shumilova got her first professional camera in 2012, and has since been taking photographs of her two sons, Yaroslav and Vanya, as they interact with the animals on their farm.

According to Shumilova, she prefers to use natural light, which she feels gives “emotional depth to the image,” adding that she takes an intuitive approach to her work.

“I get inspired mainly by desire to express something I feel, though I usually cannot tell exactly what it is.”

“Children and animals – they’re my life. As a mum of two sons we spend a lot of time on the farm, so I often shoot my boys with dogs, rabbits and ducks,” Shumilova said.

Her work is a beautiful rendition of the incredible relationships children develop with the animals they interact with at a young age.

Shumilova’s boys possess a unique quality that has made them virtually fearless of any animal they’ve encountered. They are so comfortable with their farm companions that they seem to almost communicate with one another.

As you can seen in the photographs below, the boys interact with the creatures who share their home in a very magical and whimsical way.

Two-year-old Vanya Shumilova locks eyes with a rabbit in this intimate photograph taken by his mother in Andreapol, Russia. Photo Credit:
Elena Shumilova began taking pictures of her kids in 2012, after she attained her first professional camera. Photo Credit:
"When I graduated from school I practiced with sketching and painting a lot. That defined my feeling of photography and composition." Photo Credit:
A boy's best friend. Photo Credit:
Shumilova prefers natural lighting conditions like street-lamps, rain, fog, or snow. Photo Credit:
The emotional connection between the two is almost tangible. Photo Credit:
Five-year-old Yaroslov Shumilova sits with his companion on a wintry day. Photo Credit:
The bonds between the boys and the animals are only getting stronger, according to Shumilova. Photo Credit:
Shumilova plans to keep photographing her boys as they grow older. Photo Credit:
Even this elusive cat posed for a whimsical picture. Photo Credit:
The connection between the boys and the animals started at a young age. Photo Credit:
This little boy is one with the ducks. Photo Credit:
The woman behind the lens: Elena Shumilova. Photo Credit: