(CELEBRITY ACTIVISTS/ANIMAL RESCUE) Jon Stewart has tackled a lot of political bull in his years as the The Daily Show host, but now the comedian-actor-activist has saved an actual bull.

After an Angus bull destined for slaughter broke free from the livestock holding area at the Archer Halal Live Poultry on Friday, the runaway bull–cleverly named after Alcatraz escapee Frank Lee Morris–became an instant viral hit on social media.

Thankfully for Stewart and his wife, who operate a 12-acre animal sanctuary, Bufflehead Farm in Middletown, New Jersey, quickly intervened to ensure the bull would be saved from slaughter, and safelty transported to his new home at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.

Read on and view the video clip below to learn more about this successful rescue story. — Global Animal

Jon Stewart attends a 2015 Farm Sanctuary gala in New York City Getty Images/Brent N. Clark
Comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart at a 2015 Farm Sanctuary gala in New York City. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Brent N. Clark

Independent, Feliks Garcia

A bull that broke free from a Queens, New York, slaughterhouse found sanctuary with the help of comedian Jon Stewart.

The black and white Angus bull ran amok on the streets of the Jamaica section of the borough Friday morning, before finding an open plot of grass the campus of nearby York University. Police were able to corral, lasso, and tranquilize the bull, later named “Frank,” before transporting him to Animal Care Centres of NYC (ACC) in Brooklyn.

Staff members of the centre spoke with the bull’s owner, a cattle rancher from upstate New York, and tried to pool money to buy the bovine, the New York Times reported. The staff did not end up buying the bull, however.

It was when a board member of the Animals of Farm Sanctuary, Tracey Stewart, and her former Daily Show host husband, Jon, intervened that Frank was able to rest easy.

The bull, named after Alcatraz escapee Frank Lee Morris by ACC staff, was transported to the Cornell University Equine and Farm Animal Hospital before going to his permanent home at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.

“Here, he will soon join his new herd and cattle family,” Farm Sanctuary staff wrote on the organization’s blog. “Here, he will have lifelong care. And here, he can live in peace.”

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