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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Rub A Dub Dub, There’s A Kitty In The Tub!

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO/KITTENS/CATS) Rub a dub, there's a kitty in the tub! Watch this pampered (and very patient) kitty take a nice, relaxing bath. -- Global Animal

A California Dream Come True: LA Bans Commercial Pet Sales For Good

(ANIMAL NEWS/PETS) In 2012, Los Angeles City Council placed a temporary three-year ban on the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits from commercial breeders. Thanks to a 12-0 vote on Wednesday, Los Angeles made the ban permanent before it expired. The initial three-year ban was intended to be a trial period in case the law became too economically detrimental for pet stores. However, pet stores have made the necessary adjustments since the ban went into effect, placing more focus on hosting animal adoption events and selling pet supplies. -- Global Animal

Benji The Dog Picks His Best Friend

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY PETS/DOGS) When pizza puts friendship to the test, Benji, a half Maltese, Shih Tzu mix from Boston, knows exactly who to choose. -- Global Animal

Baby Animals & Friends: Too Cute For Comfort! (GALLERY)

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Time to kick off the weekend! What better way to celebrate than with these ridiculously adorable photos of baby animals with their animal friends? Enjoy! — Global Animal

Circus Lions Flown To Safety In Largest Lion Airlift Ever

(LIONS/WILDLIFE RESCUE) This Friday, 33 lions will begin their long journey from South America to South Africa. Collectively weighing more than five tons, the lions will be transported from circuses in Peru and Columbia to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Limpopo, South Africa. This move follows Colombia’s decision to prohibit circuses from using wild animals, as well as Peru's ban on wild animal performances in circuses. Animal rights group Animal Defenders International coordinated the overseas transfer, which is being referred to as the largest lion airlift ever. Read on to learn more about ADI's efforts to negotiate the circus animals' release, as well as their traveling plans for the rescue mission. -- Global Animal
Man and Dog Reenact movie scene from The Notebook

Fido & Friend Reenact Romantic Movies (GALLERY)

(FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES/DOGS) Dogs are more than just man's best friend—they also make great co-stars. Movie fanatic Chris Naka recently posted pictures to Reddit of himself and his boss' dog Wrigley that quickly went viral. The gag began with one picture of the pair recreating a memorable moment from Titanic, but now the photo sessions have become entertainment for the entire office. So far the duo have reenacted scenes from famous romantic movies including Sixteen Candles, Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, Say Anything, and Ghost. Other classics include The Hunger Games, Spider-Man, Brokeback Mountain, and The Graduate. Check out the stars in action in the photo gallery below. — Global Animal

Animals Cover The Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind’

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Insane Cherry has been creating animal song covers for just over a year now, but this may be their greatest masterpiece. You might remember this song from the movie Fight Club. Ladies and gentlemen, here you have it: famous Internet animals--cats, dogs, goats, and foxes--covering The Pixies' classic "Where Is My Mind." -- Global Animal

Meet Xander, The Blind Service Pug (GALLERY)

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Xander may be the cutest, sweetest pug to ever grace this Earth. As a baby, Xander suffered from head trauma which resulted in him needing both of his eyes removed. Shortly after being adopted by his companion Rodeny Beeney, Beeney knew that Xander was destined to be a therapy dog. After adopting Xander, Beeney and his wife officially certified him as a service dog. Xander is proudly the only furry member on the Hospital Guild. He provides comfort to victims of child and spouse abuse, anyone who needs companionship, children who have a fear of dogs, and he often accompanies the Hands and Words are Not for Hurting group on school programs and various outings. Despite Xander's limitations, he continuously brings joy to anyone and everyone who has been blessed by his presence. Like Xander on Facebook and see his cuteness hard at work in this adorable gallery. — Global Animal

Puppies Fight For Attention

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) These two fluffy two-month-old Chow puppies both want to be the center of attention. Luckily for us, when they fight to be in the spotlight, it's incredibly adorable to watch! -- Global Animal

Break The Rules, Pay The Price? ‘Tiger Whisperer’ Mauled To Death

(ZOOS) FLORIDA -- Zookeeper Stacey Konwiser died April 15 after being attacked by a Malayan tiger inside a secured portion of the tiger enclosure at the Palm Beach Zoo. The 13-year-old male tiger delivered a fatal neck injury after Konwiser entered an enclosure known as the night house, not visible to the public, where the tigers eat and sleep. However, the zoo is not placing blame on the tiger in the deadly attack. Officials claim Konwiser violated the zoo's safety protocol which states employees are never allowed to enter a tiger enclosure to which the animal has access. The rare Malayan tiger was tranquilized during the incident and remains at the zoo. While zoo officials have received criticism for not shooting the tiger, they stand by their decision to tranquilize the critically endangered species. If you're familiar with the film Blackfish, then you're probably aware of the dangerous psychological repercussions that can result from wild animals' unnatural imprisonment. Is this another example of when animals in captivity revolt, or a case of "you break the rules, you pay the price?" Read on to learn more about the horrifying incident and share your thoughts in the comments below. -- Global Animal

Join The Pack! Celebrate 150 Days Of Animal Rescue

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Join the ASPCA in celebrating its 150th anniversary by pledging to help animals in need. In honor of 150 years of service to animals, the ASPCA is launching 150 Days of Rescue, a national campaign designed to protect homeless and abused animals. The 150-day campaign, which launched on April 10th, the ASPCA's birthday, and will continue through September 7th. -- Global Animal

When You’re In Denial That You Have to Wake Up

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY DOGS) Mornings can be pretty This Husky and his human know exactly how you feel about waking up. -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Pear Tart

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Tickle your sweet tooth this Monday with a scrumptious vegan pear tart! The perfect blend of flaky pie dough, pears, cinnamon, and almond extract will have you and your taste buds in a complete fruit frenzy. So grab your rolling pin, and try this unbelievably easy vegan pear tart recipe today! — Global Animal

Lemur Demands Back Scratch

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE) This must be the most demanding lemur ever. He's not just asking for a back scratch, he's insisting on it! -- Global Animal