(CATS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Over three million cats enter animal shelters every year, and nearly half are euthanized. However, people are trying to change this statistic by offering a unique shelter relocation program for cats. For instance, SpokAnimal, a shelter for cats in Spokane, Washington, offers a sort of vocational program for cats by adopting feral, stray, or otherwise “unadoptable” cats out to neighboring farms to act as “Rodent Managers.” Instead of spending their lives in cages or facing possible euthanasia, cats are are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, given a clean bill of health, and then sent to farms in need of rodent control.

The program is so successful that SpokAnimal has placed nearly 2,000 cats since June 2009! For those interested in replicating this program, contact Development Director Dori Peck at (509) 534-8133 ext. 209 / development@spokanimal.org. — Global Animal