Hair-Raising Question: Who Is Trump’s Doggie Doppelganger?

(PETS/HUMOR) Donald Trump has a big mouth in a salesy “there’s a sucker born every minute” kind of way.

With many calling him the weakest presidential frontrunner in Republican history, it’s safe to say his arrogant approach may be better-suited for his roles as a big name real estate tycoon and producer of The Apprentice.

And while comedians have a field day poking fun at the big wig, we thought we’d join in on the fun, too.

Pets can often look like people, and in the case of The Donald, it’s all about the hair. Here are a few photos we found of Trump-esque doggie-do imaginings.

Check out the doggie doppelgangers below and share which is your favorite in the comments below. — Global Animal

A chihuahua named Bandit Rubio was gussied up like Donald Trump and trumped the competition at a New York pet celebrity look-a-like contest. Bandit wore a custom-made grey pinstripe suit with a red tie and dark brown toupee. Winners received a free year of veterinary care.


What? Me, a comb-over? You’re fired!


I’m apprenticing as a salesman of overpriced real estate.


An uncanny resemblance!


A wistful stare is best accompanied by wispy hair.