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Monthly Archives: February 2016

DiCaprio: “Let Us Not Take This Planet For Granted”

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) During last night's 88th Academy Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio finally took home his first Oscar after being nominated six times in over two decades. Upon accepting the Best Actor award for his powerful performance in Alejandro González Iñárritu's The Revenant, the movie star took the opportunity to dedicate his award to a just cause: climate change. Using his high-profile moment as a platform for global change, the actor-activist referred to climate change as "the most urgent threat facing our entire species," and urged audiences to reject the “politics of greed," and support leaders willing to take action. While many are thrilled over the movie star’s advocacy, others claim DiCaprio has a long history as a climate hypocrite given his frequent use of private jets and yachts. What do you think of the star's speech? Read on for more on DiCaprio's environmental activism and share your thoughts in the comments below. -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Greek Caponata

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Opa! Let your Monday festivities begin with a meatless extravaganza! Rich with culture and vegetables, a savory serving of vegan Greek caponata will take your taste buds on a journey straight to Athens. Eggplant, summer squash, and tomato keep this recipe fresh, fun, and animal-friendly, so try this Grecian-inspired delight today! — Global Animal

Kitten Attempts Great Leap For Leap Day

(KITTENS/CATS/ANIMAL VIDEO) With all that buildup, you'd think this kitten was preparing to fly! Watch as Pumba tries to jump from the table to the railing--just in time for Leap Day! Will he make it? — Global Animal

Orphaned Oppossums Love Bananas

(WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) A bunch of orphaned opossums were about to be released from the wildlife rehabilitation facility where they were raised, but they first received a delicious meal of tasty bananas. Take a look! -- Global Animal

Wee Wee The Rescued Pig Goes All The Way Home!

(PIGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Wee Wee the pig is believed to have fallen off a factory farm truck, but he's been given a second chance at life after being rescued by a family on a ski trip. He's now found a forever home in Maryland at the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary where he shows off his puppy-esque personality. Take a look! -- Global Animal

Local Activists Vs. Chinese Dog Meat Market

(ANIMAL WELFARE/DOGS/PETS) In recent years, China has seen an increase in activism against the dog meat market. However, a lack of resources and legal support has kept from saving and protecting the region's dogs. There are several stories regarding the rescue of thousands of dogs mid-transport to slaughterhouses, yet the aftermath of the rescue is less explored. — Global Animal
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Zoos: The Historical Debate

(ZOOS/ANIMAL WELFARE) For centuries people have flocked to zoos to see wild animals up close. The first zoo was established in 1748 in Vienna, Austria, and is still entertaining people today. But many believe that keeping an animal in a simulated habitat is not in their best interest, citing issues of animal welfare and conservation. Are zoos harming these animals by keeping them caged up, or are they helping conserve animals on the brink of extinction? Read on for both sides of this historical debate, told from the perspective of an animal rights activist. — Global Animal

In The Public Eye: Blind Man Reunited With Stolen Guide Dog

(SERVICE PETS/GUIDE DOGS) CHINA -- A guide dog stolen from a blind man in Beijing was returned Tuesday night, about 35 hours later, with an apology note asking for forgiveness. The theft of dogs--often to be resold for their meat--is quite common in China, but this dog's return is particularly significant thanks to the high level of public interest surrounding her disappearance. Since the 7-year-old Labrador named Qiaoqiao is only about one in 100 seeing eye dogs in the country, her abduction sparked a widespread outcry in China, prompting an unusual amount of media coverage. While the public's obsession with social media has proven deadly for animals in the past, this rare reunion is a great example of when sharing on social media can save lives. Read on to learn more about Qiaoqiao's disappearance as well as her return home. -- Global Animal

Top 10 Cruelest Animal Attractions

(PERFORMING ANIMALS/ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS) Elephant rides, dolphin shows, and crocodile farms are just a few common animal attractions. Tourists may assume handling wild animals is safe and the animals are properly cared for, but this is not always the case. The use of wild animals in the tourist industry poses a serious threat not only to people, but to animals as well. According to animal welfare group World Animal Protection, more than 550,000 wild animals throughout the world are victims of irresponsible tourist attractions. Each year, millions of people visit wildlife tourist attractions, yet few of them are aware of the abuse these animals endure. Check out the following list of the top ten cruelest animal attractions courtesy of the Huffington Post, and learn how you can fight against the corrupt industry of wildlife tourism. And while you're at it, take a look at Global Animal's Hall of Shame. — Global Animal

Baby Rhino Wants To Be Just Like Dad

(BABY ANIMALS/RHINOS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Charles Caleb Colton famously said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." This certainly holds true for this little baby rhino. Watch as he playfully tries to imitate his dad in the video above. -- Global Animal

How To Keep Your Cat Indoors

(PET CARE/CATS) Many dangers lurk outside the safety of your home for a cat, so in order to keep your pet safe consider making your cat an indoor cat. Although many cats enjoy playing and hunting outside, cats can have a purrfectly healthy and happy life living indoors. Read on for tips from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) on how to make the inside of your house as exciting as the outside for your feline friends. — Global Animal

Fowl Play? 13 Dead Bald Eagles Sparks FBI Investigation

(ANIMAL NEWS/EAGLES) Thirteen dead bald eagles were found over the weekend after a man discovered four of the birds on a farm in Maryland's Eastern Shore area. The finding has prompted a federal investigation, and authorities are offering a reward for any information. Although the cause of death is still unknown, there was no outward sign of trauma which leaves experts to believe poison may be the culprit. Continue reading below to learn more about the investigation and the possible causes for the die-off. Anyone with information is asked to call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Office of Law Enforcement in Cambridge, Maryland, at 410-228-2476, or the Maryland Natural Resources Police Hotline at 800-628-9944.. -- Global Animal

Dog Sits Patiently As Girl Plays Doctor

(KIDS AND PETS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) There's no denying kids and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Watch this dog sit ever so patiently while this little girl gives him a check-up--and this certainly isn't the first doggy-doctor duo! -- Global Animal

Cruelty Trumps Compassion For Big Game Bros.

(HUNTING/OP-ED) Photos of 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, picture the two men posing with numerous dead animals. In 2011, the Trumps went on a hunting spree in Africa. The animals killed included an elephant, a kudu, a civet cat, a crocodile, and a waterbuck. -- Global Animal