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Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Ultimate Bear Hug: Man Cuddles 1,500-Pound Bear

(ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE/BEARS) The video above shows a rare love fest between an unexpected pair: 59-year-old Jim Kowalczik and Jimbo, a 22-year-old bear who he raised from an injured cub to a 1,500-pound, 9-foot-tall companion. Jim and his wife founded the Orphaned Wildlife Center, a nonprofit rehabilitation center in Otisville, New York, where they house and rehabilitate bears, horses, deer, and squirrels. Jimbo is one of 11 bears who were brought to the 100-acre facility as cubs suffering from injuries that left them unable to survive in the wild. Watch as he licks Jim's face and gives him a big, ol' bear hug! -- Global Animal

Do Pricey Pets Break The Bank? Comparing The Costs Of Pet Care

(PETS/PET CARE) Sharing your life with a pet is an incredibly rewarding experience. Animals provide comfort and companionship, and can add happiness to any household. However, with the cost of pet supplies, food, and veterinary care, having a pet can become quite costly. While it's difficult to know exactly what you're getting into financially when adopting a new pet, here are some facts about the short-term and long-term expenses involved in caring for most common pets, including dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, birds, and hamsters. -- Global Animal

Baby Opossum Wins Strawberry Lottery

(OPOSSUMS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This baby opossum must be good luck because it looks like he won the strawberry lotto! "Five whole strawberries. All for me. I never believed it could happen!" — Global Animal

Kayaker Saves Stranded Squirrel

(ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Missouri, Illinois, and a handful of other states throughout the South and Midwest have been experiencing an unusual amount of rainfall and extreme flooding as of late. While kayaking down the Meramec River in Missouri to survey the flood damage, resident Tony Weiss came upon a young squirrel clinging to a tree. As he watched, the squirrel tried jumping off the tree, but ended up getting dragged downstream. Weiss paddled up to the animal in-danger and extended his oar to help him onto his kayak, bringing his furry friend back to the safety of the tree. -- Global Animal

Equine Obesity: Common Health Risks For Husky Horses

(HORSES/ANIMAL CARE) Equine obesity is a common problem among leisure horses that is often overlooked by caretakers. Obese horses, however, face many of the same dangers as overweight people. Read on to find out the risks of caring for a husky horse. — Global Animal

Ringling Elephants Take A Bow, Get Early Retirement

(CIRCUS ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL NEWS) This May--a year and a half sooner than expected--Ringling Bros.' remaining circus elephants will be retired to the Center for Elephant Conservation (CEC) in Florida. Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, initially vowed to phase out its touring elephants by 2018, but recently changed their decision as more cities continue to place restrictions on housing, restraining, and transporting the animals. While the cost of caring for the remaining 11 elephants on tour is about $65,000 per year, Feld Entertainment intends to repurpose funds towards conservation efforts and pediatric cancer research. However, considering Ringling is retiring these elephants to a self-owned facility rather than an accredited sanctuary like Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, vigilance will be needed to determine how these elephants will be treated. Read on to learn more about this step forward for circus elephants, and click here to sign the petition urging Ringling Bros. to end all animal acts. -- Global Animal

‘Orcas Live In Oceans’: Why SeaWorld Is Bad For Orcas

(SEAWORLD/OCEANS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Munchkin, a children's toy manufacturer, has crafted a top-selling orca bath toy over the past 10 years. However, unlike SeaWorld, the company has decided to put their principles before profits, and recently decided to stop selling the toy because "a bathtub just isn't big enough for an orca." To announce this decision, they've created an ad that perfectly displays the relationship children should have with these intelligent, sentient animals. Take a look! -- Global Animal

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Italian Ciabatta Sandwich

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) This saucy sandwich is filled with vegetables but also includes fake sausage to make a hearty meal. Tofurky brand "Italian sausage" is browned and simmered in tomato sauce. Ciabatta is a delicious Italian bread that is perfect for this sandwich because it is light and airy with a crisp crust. And make sure to buy a loaf that doesn't contain milk! Whole Foods offers delicious Ciabatta bread that is dairy free. Experiment and make this recipe your own by swapping in your favorite veggies! — Global Animal

Dwarf-Mini Horse Smallest In History

(HORSES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Meet Thumbelina. She is the world's smallest horse at a little over a foot tall! -- Global Animal

Boxer Practices Fire Fighting

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Dempsey the boxer is ready to join the volunteer firefighters! Watch him howl with the siren passing by his window. — Global Animal

Viva Las Vegas! Sin City Says ‘No Dice’ To Puppy Mill Pets

(ANIMAL NEWS/PETS/PUPPY MILLS) This week, in a historic move, the Las Vegas City Council voted to ban the sale of pets from mills, including puppies, kittens, and piglets. This new ordinance will prevent pet stores from selling animals obtained from puppy mills, or breeders who raise a large number of animals for sale--often in poor conditions. Existing stores will have two years to comply and will be forced to switch to an adoption model and sell animals from shelters, rescue ops, or humane societies, or stop selling animals altogether. Read on for more on this landmark victory for animals, and learn how this decision brings us one step closer to shutting down puppy mills for good and reducing the number of homeless pets nationwide. -- Global Animal

Horse Visits Hospital For Final Goodbye

(TOUCHING TALES/ANIMAL VIDEO) In this tear-jerking video, Lisa Beech, a devout horse lover dying of cancer, gets paid a visit in hospice care by her Appaloosa rescue horse Jake. With only days left to live, the woman's daughter Amanda Sturgill wanted to do something special. "I got the idea when I was sitting around with my friends...Jake needs to go to the hospital. We gotta get him to the hospital," Sturgill stated. With the kindness and help of McConathy Farm Rescue Team, Jake was loaded into a trailer and taken to Saint Joseph Hospital where Beech's face lit up with pure joy. Take a look! -- Global Animal

Should Food Have A Personality?

(FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL SANCTUARY) An estimated 58 billion animals are slaughtered for food annually worldwide. A very small number of those neglected and abused animals are rescued by Farm Sanctuary, an organization that gives these intelligent animals an opportunity to live out the rest of their lives with their friends and family. Read on to learn how Nikki the pig, one of the residents at the sanctuary, helped humans understand the unique personalities of animals, and check out Farm Sanctuary's website to learn what you can do to help farm animals. — Global Animal

Saving The Lion: Could New Protections Crush ‘Canned’ Hunts?

(ANIMAL NEWS/WILDLIFE POACHING) Last week, in a move several years in the making, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ruled to list African lions as threatened or endangered. This new protection under the Endangered Species Act will specifically address trophy hunts, like the one that killed Cecil the lion last July. As new data shows, American hunters account for up to 85 percent of canned hunts (trophy hunts in which an animal is kept in a confined area) for lions in South Africa. Approximately 1,400 African lions remain in the wild, but there are currently about 6,000 captive lions held in an estimated 200 facilities where canned lion hunts sell for upwards of $20,000. Fortunately, this federal action is expected to debilitate Africa's notorious canned lion hunting industry by barring the import of live lions and lion parts. While our nation has been a big part of the problem, we can now be part of the solution. Read on to learn more about the South African lion trophy trade and take action by signing the petition below and/or donating to HSI's wildlife protection campaign. -- Global Animal