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Big Bad Wolf Really Is A Fairytale

(WOLVES/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Next time you’re stuck in a graveyard with a full moon in the sky, and you hear a wolf howl in the distance, don’t be afraid. Studies suggest startling wolf howls are just cries of loneliness. Once thought to be a simple stress cry, research shows wolf howls actually change depending on the partner they’re trying to reach. Continue reading below to learn how researchers came across this interesting conclusion, and how wolves change their vocal pattern to find their friends. — Global Animal

Husky Loves The Cold

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This husky found the perfect napping place! Hopefully there are no hotdogs lounging around. — Global Animal

The Clone Wars? Meet Kylo Ren’s Feline Doppelganger

(CATS/PETS) Kylo Ren--played by Girls' Adam Driver--recently debuted as the new evil force in the galaxy in arguably the biggest movie of all time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now, it seems the actor has his very own furry body double: a two-year-old Balinese short-haired cat. The cat doppelganger, originally named Corey, took social media by storm for his unique appearance, with fans noting his similarity to characters like Yoda, Dobby the Elf, and most notably, his uncanny resemblance to the Star Wars villain, Kylo Ren. The e-famous feline was originally abandoned at the SPCA in Monmouth County, an animal welfare shelter in New Jersey, but luckily once his photo went viral, Corey--now Kylo Ren--was quickly adopted. Read on for more on the Star Wars cat's rescue story and subsequent rise to fame. -- Global Animal

World’s Weirdest: Magical Lives Of Narwhals

(ANIMAL VIDEO/OCEANS) Commonly referred to as the unicorns of the sea, narwhals are best known for their unicorn-like horns. Scientists have many theories about their tusks' powers and purpose, but it's actually a super-sensory tooth that can reach up to 10 feet in length. However, unlike unicorns, narwhals are very real, and unfortunately they face the threat of illegal poachers who have hunted the animal for hundreds of years for their magical tusks. But climate change and pollution are by far the greatest threats to the species, making frigid waters warmer and food more difficult to find. Take a look at the lives of these mysterious creatures in the video above, and click here to see how you can help. -- Global Animal

Is A Ferret The Right Pet For You?

(PET CARE/PETS) Ferrets can make great pets with their playful personalities and furry faces, but is a ferret the right pet for you? Ferrets need committed guardians to provide proper care. Read on to see if you are ready to adopt a ferret into your family. — Global Animal

Sri Lanka Stands Up For Elephants, Smashes Ivory Stock

(ELEPHANTS/IVORY TRADE) SRI LANKA -- On Tuesday, under the new government of President Maithripala Sirisena, officials crushed more than 300 elephant tusks--the equivalent of 1.5 tons of ivory. This move makes Sri Lanka the first South Asian country to publicly destroy ivory obtained by elephant poachers, and sends a powerful message against elephant poaching as Sri Lanka is a transit hub for the illegal ivory trade. Joining nations like Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Philippines, Sri Lanka is now the 16th country in the world to destroy elephant tusks to prevent further trading in the black market. Read on for more on Sri Lanka's role in the illicit ivory trade, and learn how such acts of intolerance for poaching can help save species from extinction. -- Global Animal

River Otter & Pup Play

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Every evening, a local river otter comes out to play with Rio the dog. The two have built quite a playful friendship. What once was an acquaintance on the other side of the fence has now become a good friend who comes over to play every day.Take a look! -- Global Animal
Being exposed to dogs early in life can decrease one's risk of asthma by 13%.

Paw-Friendly Pads: Apartment Hacks For Pet Parents

(DOGS/LIFE WITH PETS) Finding an apartment that allows dogs can be a difficult task. But keeping your canine companion entertained and happy so he/she doesn't destroy your new pad or disturb the neighbors doesn't have to be so 'ruff.' With a few simple tricks, you can easily keep your pup’s tail wagging. These dog-friendly apartment hacks include ways to keep them entertained, prevent doggy disasters, deal with howling/barking, and find a new bathroom routine. Check out these helpful tips on keeping your canine companion happy in his/her new home. -- Global Animal

Baby Elephant’s First Moments With Mom

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Wendi the elephant was discovered 13 years ago as a young orphan, totally alone in the wild lands of Kenya. Now, after being raised by her rescuers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) Orphan's Project, she has a family in Kenya's Tsavo National Parks. In the video above, Wendi's former keepers are greeted with a magical sight: Wendi's newborn daughter, just a few hours old, taking her very first steps. -- Global Animal

Penelope The Miracle Chicken: A Rescue Story

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/ANIMAL RESCUE) Meet Penelope the "miracle chicken," who was rescued by a Brooklyn couple from near death and torture at Kaporosa, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish ritual in NYC. She is now the star of a new documentary short film, which clearly demonstrates how these birds want, and deserve, to live. Watch Penelope's story in the video above, and follow her journey on Facebook at Penelope the Chicken. -- Global Animal
Cold Weather Can Be Dangerous For Pets So Here Is How To Keep Pets Safe and Warm

Having A Ruff Winter? Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe & Warm

(PET CARE/CATS AND DOGS) Despite their 'fur' coats, pets rely on their caregivers to protect them from the elements. With winter in full force, it's time for a refresher on how to keep our furry friends safe in cold weather. — Global Animal
Enjoy these Kebabs for any holiday party! (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Tofu & Brussels Sprouts Kebabs

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) This kebab recipe is the perfect vegan appetizer for parties and dinners. Tofu and Brussels sprouts are marinated in a delicious maple glaze, making them a sweet and savory treat. These kebabs are packed with protein from the tofu and vitamins C and K from the Brussels sprouts, providing a healthier option for those trying to be good this holiday season. Surprise Christmas and New Year's guests with these mouthwatering and nutritious hor d'oeuvres! — Global Animal

Cat Confessions: No Shame

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO/CATS) You've probably heard of dog shaming, but have you heard about cat shaming? Cats don't really have much shame or remorse, but they certainly have plenty to confess! Take a look. -- Global Animal

No Such Thing As Better Beef

(FACTORY FARMING) Eating completely sustainable meat doesn't seem possible. Factory farming is undoubtedly destroying the environment, slaughtering unprecedented amounts of animals, and putting humans at risk of deadly diseases like E. coli and salmonella. However, sustainable farms have their own set of problems. Is this alternative better for the animals? Or is sustainable meat just easier to swallow? — Global Animal