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Friends With (Health) Benefits

(LIFE WITH PETS) Being a pet parent might have a positive effect on an important vital organ: the heart. Researchers at Kitasato University in Japan conducted an experiment involving the variation in heartbeats in people with pets and those without pets. Heartbeat variations are important to maintain a healthy heart, and evidence suggests that pets could play a big role in protecting their guardians from deadly heart diseases. Read on for what researchers are discovering. — Global Animal
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How To Build Your Cat A Better Life

(CATS/PET CARE) We love our cats, but they certainly can be demanding. They need something to scratch on, toys to play with, and even a nice perch for sitting. Believe it or not, there are many ways you can make your cat's life a little more interesting using your own DIY skills--no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be. Take a look at these tips on how to make everything from a simple, easy-clean litter box, to a cat perch that gives them a view of the outside world. Each project includes a list of supplies and a step-by-step guide for DIYers of all levels. -- Global Animal

Cat & Dog Wrestling Match

(CATS AND DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) These two certainly know how to play rough, wrestling like siblings do. Check out those flying ambushes! -- Global Animal

Japanese Cat Door

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) They say that when one door closes, another opens. This cat, however, wasn't willing to wait for the other door, so he made his own entrance. — Global Animal

Bun Bun, Destroyer Of Leaves

(PETS/RABBITS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Bun Bun is a rescue bunny, abandoned on a country road and left to fend for herself. Luckily, she now has a loving home where she enjoys running, playing, grazing on clover, and, of course, destroying all the leaves! -- Global Animal

Cute Rhino Calf Gets A Lil’ Aggressive

(WILDLIFE/BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Filmed in a South African Wildlife Game Reserve, a rhino calf play-fights with their mom--a rhino rampage in the works! -- Global Animal

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Butternut Squash & Spinach Pasta

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Looking for dinner ideas? Butternut squash is in season and fits many recipes since it is both sweet and savory. It is also creamy, giving it an ideal texture for pasta sauce. It pairs well with several green vegetables and is combined with spinach in this healthy recipe. Have a plateful for dinner! -- Global Animal

Black Bear Cubs Fall Off Hammock

(BEARS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) These little black bear cubs are determined to do whatever it takes to sit back and relax on a hammock. — Global Animal

Cat & The Tiny Box

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) What is it with cats and boxes? The smaller the box, the more they seem to want to squeeze into it. Whatever it is, we can't deny that watching a cat play in a box is one of the cutest things in the world. — Global Animal

Kung Fu Bear

(WILDLIFE/BEARS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) This sun bear has ninja-like moves. Watch as he practices his fighting technique! — Global Animal
Hanako was originally sent to the Ueno Zoo when she was 2 years old. Photo credit: Express

The World’s Saddest Elephant? Help Save Hanako!

(ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY/ZOOS) Hanako is quite possibly the world's saddest elephant. Believed to be the oldest elephant in Japan, Hanako has been living in a concrete prison for 61 years. Her cell resides in the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, known by visitors as "one of the cruellest, most archaic zoos in the modern world." -- Global Animal

Cat Breakout Artist

(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat is like Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke. He just can't be contained! -- Global Animal

Who Knew?! Amazing A To Z Animal Facts

(ANIMAL FACTS/ABOUT ANIMALS) Here’s a list of weird and wild animal facts—from aardvark to zebra—and other creatures in between, courtesy of the amazing animal kingdom. We all know cats land on their feet and dogs wag their tails when happy. But do you know which animal has hairy eyes or what to call a pre-pubescent eel? Test your wildlife trivia here and tell us how many you knew. Or share other animals facts of your own in the comments section below. — Global Animal

Every Dog Has His Day: Dogs Ride Home To Happiness (GALLERY)

(RESCUE DOGS/DOG PICTURES) These lucky dogs at Chicago Animal Care have all found loving forever homes. Some waited for months, while others were rescued in their final hour, but regardless these pups are all equally grateful for their big-hearted rescuers. Check out this touching gallery of rescue dogs on the car ride home from the shelter. — Global Animal