(CATS/CUTE ANIMAL RESCUE VIDEO) When 78-year-old Geraldine Snapp’s beloved cat Beau refused to eat for several days, she feared she would never see him alive again. PETA responded and took the four-year-old to one of its mobile veterinary clinics, where he was treated and given fluids, pain medication, and antibiotics–all free of charge. Sadly, Beau’s future still looked bleak as he wasn’t showing any signs of improvement, and Geraldine decided to say goodbye to him for what she thought would be the last time.

PETA fieldworker Kat took Beau to PETA’s headquarters, the Sam Simon Center, where, as a last ditch effort, she offered him a treat–and he ate it! After another 24 hours of treatment and close monitoring, Beau made a full recovery and Kat surprised Geraldine with a special delivery. Take a look at their special reunion in this heartwarming video! — Global Animal