Pet Peeves: Are Litter Boxes A Cat’s Safe Haven?


(CATS/PETS) Figuring out the idiosyncrasies of your companion can be difficult. For instance, why do cats play in their litter boxes?

Behavior like this can give you clues as to how your pets are feeling in a particular situation. One would think a place where you dispose of your own waste would be the last place anyone would want to spend extra time. But when cats are put in a new situation, whether it be introducing your cat to a new animal or adding an extra family member to your household, their behavior may seem a little more erratic than usual.

Two kittens hanging out together in their litter box. Photocredit:
Two kittens hang out together in their litter box. Photocredit:

Cats may begin to do things that you don’t necessarily understand, such as spending an extended period of time in their litter box. Cats do not only use their litter boxes as a place to relieve themselves, but litter boxes also have a tendency to be a place where cats go when they are uncomfortable and scared.

“Just like some cats hide under a bed, other cats will find comfort in lying down in their litter box — which for some can be like their small sanctuary,” Dr. Wallace told Animal Planet.

Because a cat’s “bathroom” can act as a sanctuary, we need to make sure to keep their safe place as clean as possible.

— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal

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Check out these adorable cats and their litter boxes in the gallery below.

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