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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Star Wars Dogs Tired Of Halloween

(DOGS/FUNNY PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) The Halloween Force is not strong with these Star Wars pups. It's safe to say Darth Vader and Princess Leia are sick and tired of Halloween. What do you think? — Global Animal

Scaredy-Cat Vs. Mirror

(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) There's nothing more horrifying than a long, hard look in the mirror--at least for this scaredy cat! Just in time for Halloween, watch as this kitten gets spooked by her reflection. — Global Animal

Baby Attacks Pit Bull

(PIT BULLS/DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch these two pals and find out why pit bulls are called nanny dogs in England. Parents would leave their children alone with them for care and protection because their aggression towards humans has been bred out of them. -- Global Animal

Rat Plays Peek-A-Boo

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY PETS/RATS) This little rat couldn't be more excited to play peek-a-boo with his human friend. As this video shows, rats make incredible pets. They're kind, intelligent, and loads of fun during playtime! -- Global Animal

Halloween Decorations That Kill

(HALLOWEEN/ANIMAL SAFETY) Halloween decorations can be scary, and sometimes they can be downright dangerous. With the threat of Halloween spiderwebs, plastic candy wrappers, and dangling tinsel or ribbon, the holidays can be a particularly hazardous time for wildlife. For instance, Western Screech Owl recently became entangled in Halloween decorations outside a home in suburban Novato, CA. Read on for more on the owl's rescue story and see how you can help protect wild animals with these animal-friendly decorating tips. — Global Animal

10 Reasons To Adopt, Not Buy!

(PET ADOPTION) Animal lovers often wonder... with thousands of adoptable animals being euthanized every day, why do so many people continue to purchase their pets? Due to some common myths about shelter animals, as well as the adoption process itself, pet adoption is a frighteningly unpopular practice. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose adoption when adding a four-legged companion to the family! -- Global Animal

Koala Has A Snack

(KOALAS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Ever dreamed of moving to Australia? This snacking koala will cinch it. Imagine how fabulous an apple must taste when your diet is almost 100 percent eucalyptus leaves. Dee-licious! -- Global Animal

Rare Albino Whale Spotting

(ANIMAL VIDEO/WHALES) Southern right whales are staging a comeback as they're becoming more common off the coast of west Australia. Drone footage captured by the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Australia's Fitzgerald River National Park recently caught a very special birds-eye view of a partial albino southern right whale calf. This rare sighting is thought to be one of only six albino right whales who live in the region! -- Global Animal
Chocolate Crunch Bar

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Chocolate Crunch Bar

(VEGAN/MEATLESS MONDAYS) Halloween can be tricky for vegans. But never fear, there are many simple recipes for delicious vegan candy that can be made right at home. These chocolate crunch bars are made with vegan chocolate chips. You can find them at specialty food stores or even Trader Joe's store brand is vegan. This is one of the easiest candies to make since it only has two ingredients: chocolate and rice cereal. This recipe is for a creamy chocolate bar so if you like it extra crispy, feel free to add in more Rice Krispies cereal, up to 1 1/2 cups total. This crispy chocolate treat is ideal for Halloween and will continue to impress throughout the holiday season! — Global Animal

Dogs With Fancy Manners

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) Dogs aren't usually known for their restraint, or their table etiquette, but these two seem to be old hands at both. Watch this pair of pups eat their dinner like no dog has before. What manners! -- Global Animal

Baby Owl Dances To “Monster Mash”

(OWLS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) It's time to get into the Halloween spirit with Oakley and his favorite stuffed owl friend! Watch them as they dance and hoot to the "Monster Mash." -- Global Animal

Dog Gets Emotional About Snacks

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) We're all touchy talking about certain topics. This talking dog can barely keep it together when it comes to snacks. -- Global Animal

Caught On Tape: Raging Bull Charges Crowd At Peru Bullfight

(ANIMAL NEWS/BULLFIGHTING) Bullfighting spectators in Peru were sent running to safety over the weekend after a bull unexpectedly jumped the barricades and charged at them. While bullfighters attempted to lasso the bull, things took a turn for the worse when fans began provoking the animal by tossing beer and other objects into the bullring. The one-tonne bull reacted by jumping the security barrier, storming headfirst into the stands. -- Global Animal
The ASPCA named October as National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. Photo Credit: Flicker/cnynfreelancer

5 Tail-Wagging Adoption Tips For Adopt A Dog Month

(DOGS/PET ADOPTION/RESCUE ANIMALS) Homeless dogs across the nation are wagging their tails and barking for joy because October is National Adopt a Dog Month! Each day, more and more dogs are abandoned, filling already overpopulated shelters all over the country—and that's why we strongly encourage you to adopt, not buy your next pet. Some people believe rescue dogs have more issues than store-bought pets, but there are many reasons why pet adoption can be a rewarding and successful experience. Check out these top five tips to ensure a successful adoption. — Global Animal