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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Chinchillas Cuddle In Dog’s Coat

(PETS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This patient pup named Sabby has a new friend (aka Chins) who wants to give him a new coat--or perhaps make a home in his! -- Global Animal

Baby Hedgehog Sneezes

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE/HEDGEHOGS) These three orphan baby hedgehogs were abandoned by their mother after she was disturbed in the shed where she gave birth. The hoglets were left alone for a full 24 hours before they were brought to the Wildlife Rescue Centre for treatment. With a little TLC, the hoglets are now back on their feet--able to roll around, scratch themselves, and even let out the world's most adorable sneezes! -- Global Animal

Good Dog, Bad Bill: Pet Care On A Budget

(PET CARE/OP-ED) As an animal lover and pet parent, many times over, I’m privy to many stories about trips to see the veterinarian--some planned and others unexpected, some good, others not so much. -- Global Animal

Pooch Loves Her Pacifier

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS) Watch as this adorable boxer named Princess Leia dozes off witha little help from her beloved pacifier. -- Global Animal
Hairy Male Nyala

The World’s Weirdest Antelopes (GALLERY)

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL PICTURES) Did you know that there is more than one species of antelope? Do you know how many there are? Try 97. Most antelopes live in Africa, and they show incredible diversity. All 97 show variety in shape, color, size, pattern and behavior. It is important to keep all animals in mind when it comes to conservation efforts. Nearly a quarter of all antelope species are threatened with extinction, but they are sometimes forgotten in the hustle and bustle to save other species. Remember these funky antelopes when considering endangered animals! — Global Animal

Pups Puzzled By Music

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) These five Alaskan Malamute puppies are certainly puzzled by the the music playing. They may make it difficult to unload groceries, but they sure are cute! -- Global Animal

What My Pit Bull Means To Me (GALLERY)

(DOGS/PIT BULLS/DOG PICTURES) Pit bulls, like all dog breeds, are great companions. They are adorable, loving, and more than deserving of their own week of praise. But here, at Global Animal, every week is Pit Bull Week. Let these pit bull parents tell you how much their dog means to them in the heartwarming gallery below. One by one, these photos disprove the horrible stigma against this loving breed. — Global Animal

Brave Dog Saves Beached Baby Dolphin

(ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS/DOLPHINS) Witness this brave little dog named Leia as she saves a baby dolphin's life after discovering him stranded on a beach in Wales earlier this month. -- Global Animal
(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Try this sweet mango banana sorbet.

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Mango Banana Sorbet

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Take a break from the summer heat with this sweet and creamy sorbet. The recipe requires only a few simple ingredients. The banana gives it a velvety texture and is perfectly paired with mango for a tropical flavored dessert. Serve some tonight for a cool alternative to ice cream! — Global Animal

Say Cheese! 10 Hilarious Animal Photobombs

(FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES) Photobombing, also known as "the fine art of ruining other peoples' photos," as defined by Urban Dictionary, usually involves someone in the background making a funny face, or any other type of hilarious activity distracting from the main focus of the photo. In these pictures, the culprits are animals who seem to have a pretty good idea of what they're doing. These hysterical photobombs are a sure way to brighten your day. -- Global Animal

Cats’ Pat-A-Cake Gets Complicated

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Like kids at recess, these two cats blow off some steam by going paw to paw in a game of Patty Cake. Catch the funny voiceover as the game devolves. Who said cooperation was easy?! — Global Animal

John Oliver: Exposing The Meat Industry

(FACTORY FARMING/OP-ED) There aren’t many notable figures who attack America’s systems and bring light to important issues that many turn a blind eye to. John Oliver is one of few who doesn’t soften the blow and tells us exactly how harmful many of our actions as humans are to ourselves and to the world. Already, his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, has publicized multiple problems--from net neutrality, income inequality, and child labor to the obsoleteness of Daylight Savings Time in this modern day and age. It's no surprise, then, that Oliver has brought attention to the abuse and inequality within the practices of chicken farming. -- Global Animal

Husky Proves Laser Pointers Aren’t Just For Cats

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY DOGS) Cats have been entertained by laser pointers since the beginning of time, but now this husky dog wants in on the fun! -- Global Animal

Dog & Dolphin Duo Swim Together

(DOGS/DOLPHINS/ANIMAL VIDEO) In a small coastal town in Ireland, a yellow Labrador Retriever named Ben and a bottlenose dolphin named Doogie love swimming together in the local harbor. According to locals, Doogie appeared offshore in 2006 and seemed to be mourning the loss of her mate. Fortunately Doogie the dolphin found a new love with Ben--just take a look at the footage! -- Global Animal