(FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES) Photobombing, also known as “the fine art of ruining other peoples’ photos,” as defined by Urban Dictionary, usually involves someone in the background making a funny face, or any other type of hilarious activity distracting from the main focus of the photo.

In these pictures, the culprits are animals who seem to have a pretty good idea of what they’re doing. These hysterical photobombs are a sure way to brighten your day. — Global Animal

Mocking smile? Photo credit: Oddstufflab.com
“Who is a Penguin’s favorite popstar? Seal. Get it!?!?” Photo credit: Jokeroo.com
Decided to prove to human that I can look just as stupid as the dog. Photo credit: Caxbee.com
Ugly friend, everyone has one. Photo credit: Trendhure.com
This fish enforces a strict no PDA in the ocean policy! Photo credit: Caxbee.com
I’m with stupid. Photo credit: Caxbee.com
Someone’s ecstatic about having their picture taken. Photo credit: Petsami.com
Even the ocean has photobombers. Photo credit: Caxbee.com
Photobombs always look better sideways. Photo credit: ThisIsPhotobomb.com
Baaaaahahaha. Photo credit: ThisIsPhotobomb.com

— Sonia Horon, exclusive to Global Animal