(FARM ANIMAL ABUSE/FACTORY FARMING) Earlier this month, PETA filed a false advertisement complaint over Whole Foods’ promises of “Humane Meat.”

The organization is urging the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to prevent Whole Foods’ Washington D.C from selling meat-wrapping paper imprinted with the slogan, “Thanks for Caring about Animals.”

Since many chickens cannot support their own weight, they die of dehydration, unable to get to water. Photo credit: advocacy.britannica.com
Since many chickens on factory farms cannot support their own weight, they are unable to access water and can die of dehydration. Photo credit: advocacy.britannica.com

In the formal complaint,PETA claims these labels are not truthful and do not inform customers that Whole Foods meat may be sourced from animals who were branded, castrated, and/or dehorned without any painkillers.

Despite Whole Foods’ “5 Step Animal Welfare Rating Standard,” these same animals may have also suffered from intensive confinement in unnatural conditions, as well as dehydration and starvation because of lameness.

Pigs, Gestation Crates, Animal Cruelty, Factory Farms, Walmart
Pigs used for food are sometimes kept in small cages called gestation crates for much of their lives. Photo Credit: AP’s Amy Sancetta; Science Progress

“Whole Foods’ promises of ‘humane’ meat are as empty as they are unethical, deceptive, and apparently unlawful,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

“PETA is calling on D.C. authorities to protect well-intentioned shoppers from being duped into buying the flesh of animals who were mutilated, starved, and scalded alive.”

In the following video, PETA poses the question: Is there such a thing as ‘humane’ meat? What do you think?

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— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal