The Cat Parents’ Cleaning Survival Guide

(CATS/PET CARE) Due to their fastidious self-grooming, cats have a well-earned reputation of being some of the cleanest animals in the animal kingdom. But you’ve probably heard the saying, “The only self-cleaning thing in this house is the cat.” So who is left to clean up after kitty’s antics? After all, cats can be very playful and mischievous creatures.

The Cat Survival infographic below offers some great tips and advice on protecting rugs and carpets from pet-related accidents. This handy guide will help you easily clean up spills and stains, and provides some useful information on everything from dealing with pet allergies to advanced toilet training. — Global Animal

Cat Owners Carpet and Rug Cleaning Guide
The Cat Owners Guide to Caring for your Rugs and Carpets by The Rug Seller