(PET CARE/DOGS) What’s a great way to avoid the summer heat? These dogs seem to think lounging poolside is the number one option!

Bringing your pup along to enjoy other summer activities is a great idea too, but keep in mind that high temperatures could mean high risks for your furry companion.

Check out this photo gallery full of adorable pups having a splash by the pool, and follow these helpful tips to ensure you and your pup can safely have fun in the sun! — Global Animal

Photo Credit: Facebook/Willie Kim Phillips

Tips to help keep your dog healthy during super hot weather:

Never Leave Your Dog in Your Car

This rule may seem intuitive for most pet guardians, yet numerous cases of injury and fatality of animals left in parked cars continue to occur. Never leave your animal in the car, even if you crack the windows or park under the shade. Cars can quickly heat up (up to 20ºF in just 10 minutes!) succumbing your animal to a hot situation. Plan out your and your dog’s day ahead of time. Make sure your pup is welcomed everywhere you will be going; if not, it’d probably be best to leave your dog behind in your air-conditioned home.

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Keep Your Pet Cool

It’s important to take every precaution to ensure your pet is staying cool. It’s easy for dogs to overheat in the summer sun due to their furry bodies and lack of sweat glands. Keep your dog in the shade as much as possible. Because the sun moves throughout the day making areas change from shaded to sunny, be sure to compensate for this adjustment.

New fashion trends debut in the summer season and your pooch might want join along! If your dog has a long, thick coat, you may want to consider giving him a fresh haircut. Removing heaps of hair will instantly cool off your dog and make him much more comfortable as he embarks on summer activities.

Limit Outdoor Exercise

The summer heat can turn your routine walk with your dog into a dreadful experience for the both of you. Try to limit exercising your dog during the peak hours of the day. It would be best to exercise in the morning or evening, when temperatures are much more bearable. The ground also soaks up the sun’s heat and can scorch your dog’s sensitive paws. Avoid walking your dog long distances on any surface that might be too hot.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Ernie Torres-Chuplis

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Keeping your dog hydrated should be your top priority while spending time outdoors with your dog. Come prepared for your summer adventure with lots of water and offer it multiple times throughout the day. This will help your dog avoid heat exhaustion and keep him feeling great throughout the day.

Water Safety

Swimming in the pool or splashing in the waves are great ways for you and your dog to cool off. For the more adventurous pairs, boating or surfing could be playful activities you and your pet can do together. The water however poses a few safety risks that must be addressed before embarking into the water. Not all dogs can swim, so never toss your pooch into the water assuming he can. Use a life vest to prevent drowning and never leave your animal unattended near water.

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