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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Bear Takes First Steps To Freedom

(WILDLIFE RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEO) Cholita, the 'real-life Paddington bear,' has taken her first steps to freedom thanks to Animal Defenders International (ADI). After being abused at the circus and capturing the world's hearts, the hairless bear was signed into the organization's custody and rescued in a two-day mission. Cholita is now safe in the ADI ‘Spirit of Freedom’ rescue center where she is receiving specialist care before her flight to the U.S. where she will enjoy a new life along with 33 lions who were also rescued from circuses by ADI. -- Global Animal

Dog Tries To ‘Save’ Fish

(PETS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Is this dog truly trying to save a fish? Although we would love to believe this dog has a heart of gold, it's possible he isn't doing what it looks like at all. It's more likely that the pooch is actually trying to bury the fish with the water. But what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below! -- Global Animal

Royal Dogs Of The Ages (GALLERY)

(FAMOUS DOGS/DOG PICTURES) Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their latest addition to the royal family! It looks like Kate is now the proud parent of one girl and two boys—that's if you count her pooch Lupo! In fact, did you know Lupo once ate a pair of earrings that Prince William gave to Kate as a gift? Or that the first of the Queen's "Royal Corgis" was named Susan? Just like the royal family, stories about Britain's royal pets are irresistible. Have a look at these delightful photos featuring royals like Princess Diana, Queen Victoria, Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth II, with their noble canine companions. — Global Animal

Talented Dog Loves To Play Music

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This musical pup certainly knows how to play a wide range of instruments. Check out his chops! -- Global Animal

Hummingbird Feeding Time

(BIRDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Check out this stunning video of hummingbirds feeding from the Perky-Pet Hummerbar®. Aren't they just wonderful? -- Global Animal

Does Your Pet Like Your Music?

(PETS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) We hate to break it to you, but your cat might not like that Radiohead CD you always play. Scientists have been able to pinpoint what types of music different animals prefer, and surprisingly it has more to do with the size of the animal than their relative temperament. Read more to find out if your pooch is more partial to metal or Mozart. — Global Animal
These vegan marshmallows are perfect for Mother's Day. (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Chocolate Coconut Marshmallows

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Surprise mom with a special treat this Mother's Day with these chocolate coconut marshmallows. These delicious treats are easy to make with only a few ingredients. Dandies vegan marshmallows can be found online or at natural food stores and are an excellent alternative to the gelatin based variety. Celebrate with mom by enjoying a batch of these delicacies! — Global Animal

Deer Thinks She’s A Dog

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) These two don't let their different backgrounds keep them apart. Kate and Pip love to play together! — Global Animal

Beagle Learns To Talk

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This beagle pup just discovered his great howling skills! — Global Animal

Jane Goodall: Shut Down SeaWorld!

(SEAWORLD/ORCAS/CELEBRITIES) Jane Goodall, famous for her extensive work with primates, is speaking out against SeaWorld, saying it needs to be shut down. After the release of the documentary Blackfish, SeaWorld has faced much criticism for its inhumane treatment and captivity of orca whales and other marine life. Although SeaWorld claims their facility is inspiring and educational, Goodall recognizes the trauma that whales and dolphins in captivity must endure. Given her animal expertise, it's only fitting that Goodall has emerged as one of the many activists speaking out against the horrors and tragedies associated with the park's questionable practices. Read on to learn more about Goodall's efforts to shut down SeaWorld and free animals from captivity. — Global Animal

Rescued Wildlife Returns To The Jungle

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEO) This incredible video documents Animal Defenders International's (ADI) logistically challenging 15-hour operation to return rescued wildlife back to the jungle. During the Operation Spirit of Freedom mission, 39 monkeys, coatis, and kinkajous--saved from circuses and the illegal wildlife trade in Peru--were relocated to the Pilpintuwasi sanctuary in the Amazon rainforest. Living in specially constructed ADI-funded habitats, they will be free to live as close as possible to the lives they would have in the wild. Please help give them the care they need by making a donation today. -- Global Animal