Dog Walks Again, Thanks To Prosthetic Paws

(AMAZING ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS) Two years after losing all four of his paws, this Rottweiler named Brutus is back to walking on his own. He was only a puppy when neglectful dog breeders left him outside in the freezing cold, causing frostbite on each of his limbs. But instead of taking him to a vet for help, the breeders decided to amputate all four paws themselves. Fortunately, Brutus was eventually saved and rehomed with foster mom Laura Aquilina, but problems from the botched surgery continued to plague him. Within just a few months, hundreds of supporters touched by his sad story donated thousands for corrective surgery and new artificial limbs. He may look a bit wobbly on his new limbs, but with physical therapy and the proper adjustments on the prosthetics, Brutus is expected to grow more capable each day. Take a look at his progress! — GlobalAnimal