(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/PETS/DOGS) Meet Newman, who was adopted by the Grunhovd family in Minnesota. His guardian Kaydi Grunhovd noticed he had a lot of extra energy, so she decided to try to teach him how to paint. Now, he paints colorful canvases and sells his work on Etsy.

“I wanted to show that rescue dogs are smart, and I wanted him to be an ambassador for that. It’s just added bonus that if anybody wants to support him by purchasing one of his pieces of art that donations would be given back to [animal rescue],” she said.

But these wonderful works of art were not painted overnight. Grunhovd said she used positive reinforcement and lots of treats to first guide Newman to hold the brush. She then taught him how to paint the canvases with brushes she fashioned with duct tape, and voilà! Check out this Picasso pooch in action! — Global Animal

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