(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) In response to backlash from various animal rights groups, the University Of Wisconsin-Madison has announced they will not be moving forward with one of the most controversial aspects of their upcoming study on human anxiety and depression.

Researchers are expected to begin deadly experiments on baby monkeys in the coming months, but they are removing the maternal deprivation element from their protocol. Maternal deprivation involves the forceful removal of newborn monkeys from their mothers, which intentionally inflicts heightened levels of anxiety, hence traumatizing the newborns significantly.

While the university’s decision is a step in the right direction, the modified experiments will still cause unnecessary suffering to animals and will not benefit human patients.

Our efforts are making a difference, but we need to keep up the pressure. Read on to learn more about the details of the maternal deprivation study and see how you can take action at the link below. — Global Animal

Harry Harlow first isolated infant primates from their mothers in the 1960s. Photo Credit: mibba.com
Harry Harlow first isolated infant primates from their mothers in the 1960s. Photo Credit: mibba.com

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Researchers at UW-Madison are poised to begin lethal experiments on baby monkeys in the coming months in an attempt to study the development of anxiety and depression in humans.

The University recently decided NOT to include one of the most controversial parts of the study, which involved permanently removing 20 newborn monkeys from their mothers within hours or days of birth and forcing them to live in isolation for weeks. We certainly welcome this change; however, if the study moves forward as planned, 40 baby monkeys will still be removed from their mothers at six months of age — causing distress for both the babies and mothers — and will be subjected to invasive testing throughout their short lives before being killed so their brains can be dissected. The monkeys will be put through all of this despite serious concerns that remain about the ethics, validity and necessity of this study.

There is evidence that someone behind these experiments intentionally left out committee members who were opposed to testing the monkeys. Photo credit: Wisconsinwatch.org
Isolating baby monkeys from their mothers can cause severe psychological trauma. Photo credit: Wisconsinwatch.org


Please contact UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank and let her know that, while it is an improvement to allow baby monkeys to remain with their mothers for a longer period of time, you want the University to stop this harmful study altogether and instead focus the funding on human-based research which will provide more relevant results.

Click here to send a message to Chancellor Blank and help put an end to invasive experiments on infant monkeys.