(CATS/ANIMAL PICTURES) There is an island in Japan known for having a higher population of cats than humans. No, this is not some cat lady fantasy, but a real island inhabited by mostly felines.

Cat Heaven Island, officially titled Tashirojima, was originally a fishing community that used cats to rid the mice on the island. But soon after, the cats were seen as good luck and are now treated as royalty. Tourists from all over the world are beginning to visit this island to take pictures and help feed the cats.

What do you think? Has Cat Heaven Island surpassed Disney World as the happiest place on Earth? Take a look at the cats and kittens of Cat Island in the gallery below and you be the judge! — Global Animal

Cat Heaven Island is a fishing island, and in the past the cats were kept around to control the area's mice population. Photo Credit: Fubirai
In the 1800s, the island community believed the cats brought them good luck, eventually allowing the cats to stay on the island. The cats are now treated as royalty. Photo Credit: Fubirai
The only way to get to Cat Heaven Island is by ferry. Photo Credit: Fubirai
Only 100 people live on Cat Heaven Island. Photo Credit: Fubirai
The youngest resident of Cat Heaven Island is 37 years old. Photo Credit: Fubirai
There are over 50 stone monuments in the shape of cats on Cat Heaven Island. Photo Credit: Fubirai
Dogs are banned from Cat Heaven Island. Photo Credit: Fubirai
There was a movie made about one of the cats on Cat Heaven Island, titled "Nyanko the Movie." Photo Credit: Fubirai
Cat Heaven Island is truly the happiest place on Earth. Photo Credit: Fubirai