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Stolen Dog Reunited With Dad

(DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This amazing story demonstrates the importance of having your pet microchipped. Jasper, a Whippet, was stolen from his home in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire last September. After he went missing, his guardian Michael Ford thought he might never see his beloved dog again. But on March 12, Jasper was brought into the Hurstpierpoint Veterinary Clinic after he was discovered wandering alone outside by a good Samaritan. One of the clinic's vets scanned his microchip which showed that his guardian was nearby, and called him to deliver the amazing news that Jasper was safe. Here is the touching moment where the two finally reunite. Neither of them can keep from crying--and neither can we! -- Global Animal

Orphaned Otter Released Back Into The Wild

(WILDLIFE/OTTERS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This adorable North American River Otter pup was found on Cape Cod as an orphan, crying for her mother who had likely been killed. After six months of care and rehabilitation, she was successfully released back into the wild. Watch her story in the heartwarming video above. -- Global Animal
Lemon Scones are a delicious for breakfast or dessert. (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES)

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Easter Lemon Scones

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) These lemon scones are a scrumptious treat for Easter breakfast or brunch. Lemon is a delicious springtime fruit and perfect for Easter pastries. These scones are flavored with fresh lemon juice and topped with a lemon icing. You can enjoy them for breakfast or even as a dessert! — Global Animal

San Diego Sea Lion Hangs Ten With Surfer

(SEA LIONS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) A San Diego surfer recently had a run-in with a sea lion pup. Dan Murphy was on his surfboard in the ocean when the sea lion jumped on his back, hugging him for about 20 minutes until crawling into his lap like a puppy. Watch the love fest take place in the video above. -- Global Animal

Chipmunk’s Morning Stretch

(CHIPMUNKS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch as “bikke the chip” enjoys a nice morning stretch. -- Global Animal

Painting Pooch Is The ‘Next Picasso’

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/PETS/DOGS) Meet Newman, who was adopted by the Grunhovd family in Minnesota. His guardian Kaydi Grunhovd noticed he had a lot of extra energy, so she decided to try to teach him how to paint. Now, he paints colorful canvases and sells his work on Etsy. But these wonderful works of art were not painted overnight. Grunhovd said she used positive reinforcement and lots of treats to first guide Newman to hold the brush. She then taught him how to paint the canvases with brushes she fashioned with duct tape, and voilà! Check out this Picasso pooch in action! -- Global Animal

Tell UW-Madison: Stop The Monkey Madness!

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) In response to backlash from various animal rights groups, the University Of Wisconsin-Madison has announced they will not be moving forward with one of the most controversial aspects of their upcoming study on human anxiety and depression. Researchers are expected to begin deadly experiments on baby monkeys in the coming months, but they are removing the maternal deprivation element from their protocol. Maternal deprivation involves the forceful removal of newborn monkeys from their mothers, which intentionally inflicts heightened levels of anxiety, hence traumatizing the newborns significantly. While the university's decision is a step in the right direction, the modified experiments will still cause unnecessary suffering to animals and will not benefit human patients. Our efforts are making a difference, but we need to keep up the pressure. Read on to learn more about the details of the maternal deprivation study and see how you can take action at the link below. -- Global Animal

What It’s Like To Work From Home With Cats

(CATS/FUNNY PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Do you work from home? Do you happen to live with any office supurr-visors? If so, then you know what it's like to work from home with the best distractions out there! Watch these two cats, Cole and Marmalade, as they regularly check-in on their human employees to make sure their productivity levels are at their absolute highest. -- Global Animal
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Is Bigger Actually Better? 24 Of The World’s Tiniest Animals

(WILDLIFE PICTURES/FUN ANIMAL FACTS) The tiny creatures of the world can sometimes be fascinating, and sometimes they can be downright adorable. Pictured below you'll find 24 of the world's tiniest animals. Which one do you find cutest?

These Cow Boots Were Made For Walking

(COWS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This little cow named Fawn was born in inhumane conditions in a milking stall. Because her mother was forced to give birth standing up, Fawn fell and injured herself as she was coming into this world. She developed an infection and couldn't fully walk, but she eventually ended up at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, where the experts at Cornell Veterinary Hospital were able to help. Now, Fawn wears braces for a few hours each day as part of her physical therapy, and she absolutely loves them! She'll never walk completely normal, but take a look at the progress she's making! -- Global Animal

Fighting Fire With Fire: Ivory Burned To ‘Secure A Future With Elephants’

(ELEPHANTS/POACHING) At a ceremony Friday, Ethiopia burned a six-ton stockpile of ivory in an effort to curb poaching, making them the most recent in a growing list of countries to do so. The ivory tusks and trinkets were confiscated over the course of 30 years from poachers in Ethiopia or in transit at Addis Aboba’s Bole International Airport. The event took place in the country's capital at the Gulele Botanical Garden, where a memorial will be built in remembrance of more than 550 lost African elephants. -- Global Animal

Puppy Plays Peekaboo

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY PETS) Abigail is a playful puppy diagnosed with Megaesophagus, a condition that makes it difficult to eat normally. She cannot swallow food without sitting upright, so to help her digest, she has a specially designed highchair called a Bailey chair that she can sit in during and after eating. Watch Abigail have some fun as she plays a game of peekaboo. -- Global Animal

Foxes Fly On Trampolines

(FOXES/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) These fun-loving foxes have discovered a wonderful new toy: their neighbor's trampoline. Watch as their play becomes even cuter with an little added bounce. — Global Animal

Momma Duck Protects Babies

(DUCKS/WILDLIFE/ANIMAL VIDEO) Mothers will do anything to protect their babies, and this duck is no different. Watch as the mother duck protects her ducklings from a bread-stealing seagull. — Global Animal