(CATS AND DOGS/PET NAMES) Have you ever thought about naming your Pomeranian after Russell Wilson or your Golden Retriever in honor of Tom Brady? Super Bowl fans show their team pride in many ways; sometimes they even name their pets after their favorite football stars!

Tupanion, a pet medical insurance company, has calculated which states support either the Seahawks or the Patriots based on what people have named their pets. Read on to find out which Super Bowl team has the most pet supporters in each state! — Global Animal

Footballs can be fun toys for your pets as well! Photo credit: Your Hub
Footballs can be fun toys for your pets, too! Photo credit: Your Hub


New England and Seattle Go Head-to-Head in the Super Bowl Pet Name Face-Off

It’s that time of year again, when the top two football teams in the nation go head-to-head to see who will win the Super Bowl. Across the country, fans are showing their support, and many have even named their furry family members after their favorite players, coaches, and mascots.

In honor of the competitive spirit of the Super Bowl, Trupanion, a pet medical insurance company, compared the rosters of each team to their database of pet names from across the nation to see which team was most popular in each state. Alaska, Alabama, and Mississippi were an even tie, but the rest of the nation showed clear support for Seattle or New England. Overall, 23 states support Seattle and 24 back New England.

Pet guardians can help support their favorite football team by naming their pet after the teammates! Photo credit: Trupanion
Pet guardians all across the country are showing their support for their favorite football team by naming their pet after the teammates. Photo credit: Trupanion
New England-related pet names dominated much of the Northeast and the South. Seattle-related pet names dominated the West Coast and a large portion of the Midwest. The Southwest and mountain regions leaned toward New England.

One English Mastiff holds the full name “Russell Wilson,” and four pets are named “Tom Brady” in the database, including a Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, mixed-breed dog, and a long-haired cat. Each coach had a representative pet, with a cat named Carroll and a dog named Belichick. Seattle-supporting pets carry the names “Chancellor” and “Sherman.” A miniature pinscher and a domestic shorthair, both in Massachusetts, were ironically given the full name “Vince Wilfork,” and several pets are affectionately named “Gronk.”

Inspired by the furry fandom, Trupanion is asking pet owners to submit pictures of their pets in game day attire. Photos can be submitted to socialmedia@trupanion.com or posted to Trupanion’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #GameDayPets.

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