(WILDLIFE/ENDANGERED SPECIES/ANIMAL EXTINCTION) Ever since we were little, we have been fascinated with wild animals like tigers and African elephants. And now, with so much information at our fingertips, we are able to see and learn more about the animal kingdom than ever before.

However, many of these species are in danger of becoming extinct due to factors like habitat loss, hunting, fishing, and disease. Sadly, our ability to see and hear about these animals in the wild may soon become a thing of the past.

Take a look at the following animal species who are at risk of extinction within the next hundred years and try to imagine a world without them.

Photo Credit: Lucy Ray, PA Wire/Press Association Images
Photo Credit: Lucy Ray, PA Wire/Press Association Images

1. Tigers

Over 97 percent of all wild tigers have died in just the last century. In the last 100 years, they have suffered a loss of 93 percent of their natural, historical range.

Sadly, there are only about 3,000 tigers currently living in the wild, and approximately 5,000 living in captivity.

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Photo Credit: konicaminolta.com

2. Pandas

There are approximately 1,600 pandas living in the wild today, and more than 300 living in zoos and breeding centers.

In China, pandas have suffered severe habitat loss due to an increasing number of roads and railroads fragmenting forests. This problem is known to separate panda populations and prevents mating opportunities.

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Photo Credit: National Geographic

3. Sumatran Orangutans

There are approximately 7,500 Sumatran orangutans living in the wild today.

These great apes rely heavily on high-quality forests, and due to human activity, their habitats are disappearing fast, causing much suffering within the species. Human activity in parts of the Sumatran rain forests includes intentional forest fires, palm oil extraction, and forest conversions.

Photo Credit: National Geographic
Photo Credit: National Geographic

4. African Elephants

These beautiful animals are in danger of extinction due to heavy poaching throughout Africa. In fact, 23,000 elephants were poached in 2013 alone.

Today, there are estimated to be between 450,000 and 700,000 African elephants left in the wild.

Photo Credit: maru1004.blogspot.com/
Photo Credit: maru1004.blogspot.com

5. The Golden-Headed Langur

This particular species has experienced a population decrease of over 80 percent throughout the century. Today, there are only 70 golden-headed langurs living in the wild.

It’s important to stay informed about all critically endangered species. The reality is humans are a major cause of speciation decrease, and it’s our responsibility to prevent further loss.

— Sabrina Clinkenbeard, exclusive to Global Animal