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Veterans with PTSD are often aided by service dogs.

Service Dogs Help Veterans Heal (VIDEO)

(SERVICE DOGS/VETERAN'S DAY) Of the two million U.S. soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, it's estimated that one in five is likely to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or severe depression. Operation Freedom Paws, a non-profit organization started by Mary Cortani, helps afflicted military veterans by letting them train their own service dogs. These dogs have been an essential part of healing troops' physical and emotional wounds and helping them adapt to life outside the military service. Continue reading and watch the video below for more on this incredible program. — Global Animal

Kitten Takes Cherry Pie Nap

(CATS/KITTENS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This sleeping kitten named Little Bella thinks cherry pie makes for the comfiest bed ever. Isn't she just the sweetest? We could just eat her up! -- Global Animal
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Hope The Blind Kitten Finds A Forever Home

(KITTENS/PETS/CATS/ANIMAL RESCUE) A stray kitten in Bulgaria is giving everyone she encounters a little bit of hope. The kitten (appropriately named Hope) was found living on the streets in dire condition with a terrible infection in both eyes. She was brought to the local animal shelter where they performed emergency surgery, removing both of her eyes, and ultimately saving her life. Hope's new mom Petra fell in love with her at first sight and decided to give her a forever home. Continue reading to know the whole story, and how to help the stray cats of Bulgaria. -- Global Animal

Orphaned Deer Chooses Dog Foster Mom

(DEER/DOGS/ANIMAL FRIENDS/WILDLIFE/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) Mishka the dog works with wildlife services to help scare off bears who have grown too comfortable living around humans in the woods. One day while out on the job, Mishka's team rescued an orphaned baby deer who, in turn, designated Mishka as her new caring guardian. And just like that, Mishka became the small fawn’s foster mom! -- Global Animal
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High Of The Tiger: Big Cats Get Five Acres Of Freedom (GALLERY)

(TIGERS/ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Lions, tigers, and other big cats have grown increasingly more popular in the exotic pet trade. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), there are anywhere between 5,000 and 7,000 tigers living in the U.S., but less than 400 of them are accounted for by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Instead, tigers and other big cats are continuously found living in peoples' backyards, basements, and roadside zoos. The Fund for Animals and HSUS are working hard to solve this problem. Just recently, the HSUS saved four tigers and sent them to America's largest animal sanctuary in Texas, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Three of the tigers, Anastasia, Natalia, and Gustavo, were rescued from an illegal roadside zoo in Mississippi, where they were forced to live in cruel conditions for many years without veterinary care. Alexander, the fourth tiger, was rescued from a private residence in Kansas after his owner abandoned him, leaving him and several other wild animals caged and without access to food or clean water. For the first time in their lives, the tigers will be living in a large, 5-acre home with natural vegetation and uninterrupted skies. Check out these four tigers embracing their new forever home in the heartwarming photos below. -- Global Animal

Meet Lil’ Drac The Orphaned Baby Bat

(BATS/ANIMAL RESCUE/WILDLIFE/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) The Bat World Sanctuary recognizes the importance of bats, and makes it their mission to protect this remarkable species. The video above features one of their newest rescues, an orphaned baby bat named Lil’ Drac. Watch this adorable little bat as he is getting fed, and witness him learn how to hang upside down and rock himself to sleep. Too cute! -- Global Animal
The Espanola giant tortoise can live over 100 years. Photo credit: Time

Near-Extinct Tortoise Population Comes Out Of Its Shell

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/TORTOISES) Espanola giant tortoises living on the Galapagos Islands have come back from near extinction, according to a recent study. Just 50 years ago, the population of the giant tortoises was as low as 15. Recently, however, scientists have deemed the population as secure and no longer on the brink of extinction. This is a major victory for conservationists and biologists alike to witness a species come back from near extinction. Read on to learn about why the Espanola giant tortoises were going extinct, and how scientists are helping save their population.— Global Animal

Cat Peeks Over Bed

(FUNNY PETS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Cue the Mission Impossible score! This cat thinks he’s the stealthiest thing since sliced bread! Watch as he slowly peaks his head over the edge of the bed with his eyes bugged, ears pricked, and mouth slightly ajar. Too funny! — Global Animal

“Pickle Me Elmo” Wins Halloween Costume Contest

(HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST/ PETS) The votes are in for Global Animal’s fourth annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest and the winner is Judy Fridono and her dog Rina as "Pickle Me Elmo!" Thank you to everyone who participated. Check out all of the entries in the “Halloween Pet Costume Contest: Vote for your favorites” album on our Global Animal Facebook page. Don’t forget to take a look at last year’s winners! -- Global Animal

Cute Dog Loves To Ride On Swing

(PETS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO/CUTE DOGS) Watch this cute dog as he gets put in a swing for a push. Just look at that grin! — Global Animal

TRÄTO Makes A Splash In Ocean Conversation

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Tiffany Vandersloot, founder of the organization TRÄTO (To Rescue Animals of The Ocean), is a visionary in the movement of ocean conservation and marine life protection. Through TRÄTO, Vandersloot has created a distinct brand with a revolutionary mission, setting a precedent in making marine life protection more than just an ideal, but also a lifestyle. -- Global Animal