(EXTINCTION/ENDANGERED ANIMALS/WILDLIFE) An asteroid hitting the earth, a volcanic eruption, and climate shift are the primary natural causes for three major extinctions in history. But what about the one we may be currently facing?

The reality is humans are a major cause of speciation decrease, and it’s our responsibility to prevent further loss.

We are currently losing dozens of species a day, and nearly 20,000 plants and animals are at a high risk for extinction.

“In fact, 99 percent of currently threatened species are at risk from human activities, primarily those driving habitat loss, introduction of exotic species and global warming,” according to the Center for Biological Diversity.

The gallery below depicts 11 species who have recently gone extinct due to human impact.

West African Black Rhinoceros. Declared Extinct: 2011
Cause: Hunting/Poaching
Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Pyrenean Ibex. Declared Extinct: 2000
Cause: Hunting
Photo Credit: news.onepoll.com
Passenger Pigeon. Declared Extinct: 1914
Cause: Hunting and Trapping
Photo Credit: wisconsinhistory.org
Quagga. Declared Extinct: 1883
Cause: Hunted for Hide and Killed by Ranchers
Photo Credit: bartholomeusklip.com
Caribbean Monk Seal. Declared Extinct: 2008
Cause: Overhunting and Exploitation for Fur, Oil and Meat
Photo Credit: buzzle.com
Sea Mink. Declared Extinct: Late 19th Century
Cause: Hunted for Fur
Photo Credit: retrieverman.net
Tasmanian Tiger. Declared Extinct: 1936
Cause: Hunted and Trapped to "Protect Livestock"
Photo Credit: personal.psu.edu
Tecopa Pupfish. Declared Extinct: 1970
Cause: Human Development made their habitat unsuitable.
Photo Credit: robinsilverphoto.com
Javan Tiger. Declared Extinct: 1976
Cause: Hunting and Loss of Forest Habitat
Photo Credit: tigersincrisis.com
Great Auk. Declared Extinct: mid-1850s
Cause: Hunting and "Collector's Item"
Photo Credit: wordpress.com
Bubal Hartebeest. Declared Extinct: 1954
Cause: Hunting
Photo Credit: wildlifehunt.co.za


— Kayla Newcomer, exclusive to Global Animal

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