(DOGS/ANIMAL PICTURES) With all the slobbering and fur, big dogs tend to get a bad rap. The way we see it, the more dog, the more love they have to give.

Below are some fun facts about our favorite large dog breeds—Great Danes, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, just to name a few—followed by a gallery of the biggest and the cutest dogs around. — Global Animal

1. Great Dane

GIant George, World's Tallest dog, Great Dane sitting on couch
Famed Great Dane Giant George—once the world’s tallest dog—sits beside his guardian on a couch. Photo Credit: Incredible Features, Barcroft Media

Great Danes were originally bred to hunt wild boar. They are extremely patient with kids and tend to be therapy dogs. Great Danes can weigh up to a whopping 140 pounds.


2. Newfoundland

Newfoundland, dog breeds, large dogs
Newfoundlands were unsurprisingly bred on the Canadian Island of Newfoundland. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

Typically, Newfoundlands weigh about 130-150lbs, but the largest of their breed weighed in at an incredible 260 lbs. These adorable, mild mannered, and gentle giants were often used to rescue drowning people along the shores of their native Canadian Island of Newfoundland.


3. St. Bernard

St. Bernard, Beethoven,  Large Dogs, Dogs, Dog Breeds
St. Bernards originated from the Swiss Alps. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

St. Bernards are affectionate and gentle by nature. This breed can weigh up to 160lbs. St. Bernard’s originate from the Swiss Alps where they were used by monks as rescue dogs.


4. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs, Dogs, Dog Breeds, Large Dog Breeds, Biggest Dogs Ever
Bernese Mountain Dogs are the longer-haired version of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

Bernese Mountain Dogs crave love and attention, and are very loyal and faithful. They originate from the mountains of Switzerland, and have often been trained to pull carts or sleds. They also have a short hair, and are typically bigger in size (males can weigh up to 135lbs).


 5. Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds, dogs, dog breeds, large dog breeds, tall dog breeds
Irish Wolfhounds are one of the tallest breeds in the world. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

Irish Wolfhounds are one of the tallest dog breeds in the world, and can weigh anywhere from 90-150lbs. They are known as sight hounds because they use their sight and swiftness to hunt prey. Irish Wolfhounds are a very old breed, dating back to 391 A.D.


Check out the gallery below for more large, lovable dog breeds.

Bernese Mountain Dog. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
Leonberger. Photo Credit: petinsurance.com
Newfoundland. Photo Credit:huffingtonpost.com
Samoyed. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
Leonberger. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
St. Bernard. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
Irish Wolfhound. Photo Credit: pixabay.com
Tibetan Mastiff. Photo Credit: imgfave.com
Irish Wolfhound. Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
Great Dane. Photo Credit: Incredible Features, Barcroft Media
Samoyed. Photo Credit: puppydogweb.com
Newfoundland. Photo Credit: Torreson Diertle
Neapolitan Mastiff. Photo Credit: dogbreedspuppies.blogspot.com
St. Bernard. Photo Credit: westminsterkennelclub.org
Great Dane. Photo Credit: Incredible Features, Barcroft Media
Neapolitan Mastiff. Photo Credit: themost10.com
Bernese Mountain Dog. Photo Credit: static.squarespace.com
Tibetan Mastiff. Photo Credit: dogbreeds-findthebest.com