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Home Box Entertainment

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) What's the best toy you can get to entertain your cat? For Maru, a regular old box will do. — Global Animal

Baby Elephant & Dog Play Tag

(CUTE ANIMAL FRIENDS/DOGS/WILDLIFE VIDEO) In the video clip above, a baby Asian elephant befriends a dog and even takes up a game of tag with the yellow pooch. — Global Animal

“JJ Goes To Puppy Class” & The Power Of Paw-sitive Training

(BOOK REVIEW/DOG TRAINING) JJ Goes To Puppy Class, a children's book written by Diane Rose-Solomon, is the perfect read for those looking to teach their children about...

Marmoset Gets Toothbrush Massage

(WILDLIFE RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Ninita, an orphaned baby pygmy marmoset, gets a much-loved toothbrush massage from her caretaker. After being born deaf and abandoned by her parents, Ninita was hand-reared by the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation (RSCF). She now lives in her own enclosure, and she even has a boyfriend! -- Global Animal

Mischievous Ferret Steals Turkey

(CUTE PETS/FERRETS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Freddy the mischievous ferret is determined to get that turkey! We think that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. — Global Animal
Bring along treats to make your pet's trip to the vet more enjoyable.

5 Vital Pet First Aid Tips

(CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) Pet parents want to give their pets the best possible care. Regular vet visits, proper grooming, and ensuring regular exercise and adequate nutrition are just some of the ways in which we make sure our pets are happy and healthy. But what about in emergency situations or natural disasters? Not all pet guardians are aware of the need for an emergency plan. Read on for these five helpful pet first aid tips. — Global Animal

Conservationists & Gorillas Reunited At Last

(GORILLAS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Conservationists Damian Aspinall and his daughter Tansy Aspinall search for Djalta and Bimms nearly 10 years after their release to the African forests of Gabon. The two western lowland gorillas were born in captivity at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, and were reintroduced to the wild thanks to the Aspinall Foundation, which has been helping release captive gorillas back into the wild for nearly 15 years. — Global Animal

Bearded Dogs Celebrate No-Shave Movember

(PET HEALTH/DOG BREEDS) During the month of November, men can choose to grow their beards to raise awareness about men's health. Some dog breeds, however, celebrate their beards all year around! Pet guardians and dog lovers alike can help participate in No-Shave November (or Movember) by honoring their furry friends with fluffy beards. Movember not only raises awareness about men’s health and cancer prevention, but also about pet health. It's important that pet guardians understand the risks involved with prostate cancer in pets. Read on to find out the top ten bearded dog breeds, and learn what you can do to help keep your pet healthy. — Global Animal

Kitten & Boxer Bond

(KITTENS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Frankie, a three-year-old rescue boxer, and Oreo, this seven-week-old kitten, have developed a very special bond. Aren't they just the sweetest? -- Global Animal

Giant Panda Plays In The Snow

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/ENDANGERED PANDAS) Snow in November is an unwelcome sight for most, but not for Da Mao the panda. Da Mao is one of two giant pandas living at the Toronto Zoo, which works to support giant panda conservation with their Endangered Species Reserve Fund. Watch Da Mao in the video above as he has the time of his life, playing and tumbling in the snow. What a cutie! -- Global Animal

Squirrel Steals GoPro & Films Masterpiece

(SQUIRRELS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this squirrel steal a GoPro and shoot his very own feature film as he climbs up a tree. The squirrel eventually drops the camera, but the masterpiece was successful and now he's a viral star! -- Global Animal
pyrenean ibex, endangered species list, extinct animals

11 Extinct Animal Species…And We’re To Blame (GALLERY)

(EXTINCTION/ENDANGERED ANIMALS/WILDLIFE) An asteroid hitting the earth, a volcanic eruption, and climate shift are the primary natural causes for three major extinctions in history. But what about the one we may be currently facing? The reality is humans are a major cause of speciation decrease, and it's our responsibility to prevent further loss. We are currently losing dozens of species a day, and nearly 20,000 plants and animals are at a high risk for extinction. "In fact, 99 percent of currently threatened species are at risk from human activities, primarily those driving habitat loss, introduction of exotic species and global warming," according to the Center for Biological Diversity. The gallery below depicts 11 species who have recently gone extinct due to human impact. — Global Animal

Monty The Penguin Melts Our Hearts

(BIRDS/CHRISTMAS/PENGUINS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Even though it's not even Thanksgiving yet, the Christmas-themed commercials are already underway--and this one is sure to warm your heart on this cold November day. The ad The advertisement above, made for British department store John Lewis, features a boy named Sam and his penguin friend, Monty. But when Sam notices Monty longing for a penguin pal, he gives him a little surprise on Christmas day. -- Global Animal

Beach Babes: Sun, Sand, & Swimming Swine? (GALLERY)

(PIGS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) A small island in the Caribbean boasts an unusual and talented group of animals—swimming swine! About 20 pigs as well as some goats and cats live on the island in the Bahamas, which is uninhabited by humans. Read on to learn more about Pig Island and check out the gallery of these adorable piggy paddlers! — Global Animal