(ANIMAL CONSERVATION/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Jason Vales, creator of the new musical album from Vida Beat called “Loud Love,” is using his musical talents to help animals in need.

As an avid Global Animal reader and supporter, Vales will be donating a portion of the proceeds from “Loud Love” to the Global Animal Foundation.

Vales’ campaign is called “Save Earth With Music,” and he plans to donate one dollar to the Global Animal Foundation for every album sold. Vales has already sold a number of albums and has generously donated to the Global Animal Foundation.

Vales hopes to raise animal awareness though his "Save Earth With Music" campaign. Photo credit: Vida Beat
Vales hopes to raise animal awareness though his “Save Earth With Music” campaign.

Vales created Vida Beat as a means of sharing his love for music and art with others. His album, “Loud Love,” focusses on positivity and teaches that one can make a difference with the simple joy of music.

Vales feels that Vida, which translates to ‘life,’ exists in the sounds of each moment.

When creating his album, Vales looked to nature as inspiration:

“There is a simple, yet powerful, energy in nature which I tap into. It connects me to the ambition and excitement of my childhood. It inspires me in all of the right ways.”

Not only is the musical album inspiring, but it also helps raise awareness for a good cause.

Vales' album, "Loud Love," is being released on Friday. Photo credit: Vida Beat
Vales’ album, “Loud Love,” is being released on October 10th. Photo credit: Vida Beat

Vales is not the first to use art forms to bring awareness to pressing issues. Banksy, an England-based graffiti artist, displayed the horrors of farm animal cruelty by driving around a truck filled with stuffed animals.

The truck, named “The Siren of the Lambs,” which Bansky transformed into a work of art, showed the horrible conditions farm animals must endure when being transported to slaughterhouses.

Using art to discuss social issues helps raise widespread animal awareness. “Loud Love” has already succeeded in helping animals in need.

Click here to download “Loud Love” and help support his “Save Earth With Music” campaign.

UPDATE: Vales brothers, Jason, Shawn, and Chris, are also involved a new project, Fur Fame, which transforms your favorite photo of your pet into an original, one-of-a-kind oil painting. For every painting sold, $10 will be donated to Global Animal Foundation. Click here to transform your pet into a star!

— Rebecca Hartt, exclusive to Global Animal