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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Halloween Pet Costume Contest: Cast Your Vote!

(HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST/PETS) The photos have been submitted, and now it is time to vote for your favorites in our fourth annual Halloween pet costume contest! -- Global Animal

Husky Spooked By Halloween Rat

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/PETS/FUNNY DOGS) This cute Husky dog really doesn't like this fake rat used as a Halloween decoration. Let's hope he doesn't hate Halloween altogether! — Global Animal
Labrador Retrievers come in second place at most popular breed! Photo credit: Trupanion

Labradors Rule, Boxers Drool? This Year’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

(DOG BREEDS/DOGS/LIFE WITH PETS) The results are in, and they may surprise you! Trupanion, a pet insurance company, conducted a study to find out what the most popular dog breeds are across North America. Although some may assume that purebred dogs like Labrador Retrievers would be most preferred by guardians, mixed breeds take the top spot as the most popular dog breed in America. Mutts not only tend to live longer because of their genetic makeups, but they also have unique characteristics and personalities. Since adopting mixed breed dogs provides homes to animals in need, it's no wonder so many Americans love them! Adopting a pet is always the best option, and results show that many families are already choosing to adopt, rather than buy a pet dog. Read on to learn more about the most popular dog breeds across the U.S., and find out what breed is most common in your area. — Global Animal

Cuteness Challenge: Puppies Vs. Teddy Bear

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Who will win this fur-ocious battle of cuteness? Will it be the chocolate lab puppies? Or the teddy bear? You be the judge. — Global Animal

‘Jasmine’ The Cat’s Magic Carpet Ride

(CUTE CATS/PETS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) With Halloween just around the corner, why not take a moment to enjoy this Aladdin-inspired video starring 'Jasmine' the cat? She can show you the world...on a magic carpet ride! — Global Animal
Mike Arns has placed over 9 million pets in homes since 1999. Photo credit:

Remember Me Thursday Sheds Light On Pet Adoption

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/ANIMAL WELFARE) Remember Me Thursday is a nationwide animal awareness campaign that helps to save orphan pets by promoting dog adoption around the globe. The event, which took place on Thursday, September 25, shed light on the millions of abandoned pets still in need of loving homes. This year was Remember Me Thursday's second annual campaign, and it proved to be an even bigger success than last year's. The amount of involvement and support from animal welfare organizations nearly doubled, and the campaign reached over 130 countries. It's a sad truth that millions of animals face neglect and hardship, but with the help of Remember Me Thursday, the future of orphaned animals is much brighter. Read on to learn more about Remember Me Thursday, and how the campaign is helping save animals' lives around the world. — Global Animal

Puppy Vs. Ice Cube

(PETS/CUTE PUPPIES/DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Domino isn't sure if his ice cube is a toy or something to eat. Watch and enjoy as he tries to figure it out in the cutest way possible. — Global Animal

First U.S. Ebola Victim Cured, Gets Furry Reunion

(DOGS/PETS) TEXAS — Nina Pham, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., was recently declared disease-free. The first thing she plans on doing? Reuniting with her beloved dog Bentley. Bentley is a Cavalier King and he is currently living in quarantine to keep him safe from the disease. Pham will be able to visit Bentley until he's ready to be released from quarantine at the end of the month. Continue reading to find out more about Pham and Bentley and how to help protect your four-legged friends from Ebola. — Global Animal

Dog Without A Paw Gets A Hand

(RESCUE DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) A rescued puppy named Peggy Leg will soon be the "world's smallest bionic pet." Researchers at North Carolina State University plan to perform surgery on the chihuahua, giving her a prosthetic, titanium foot. — Global Animal

Sully The Saint Bernard Really Loves His Dad

(PETS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Sully the needy Saint Bernard certainly loves his dad! Can't you tell? Watch as he pins him down and gives him a big hug after returning home from a long day of work. Now that's love! — Global Animal

Bikini Fail Feat. Cute Puppy

(PUPPIES/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this girl and her puppy channel the classic Coppertone sunscreen ad from 1959 as they play a little bikini tug-o-war on the beach. — Global Animal

Orphaned Rhino & Lamb Play

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE/UNLIKELY ANIMAL FRIENDS) This lamb and rhino are both orphaned animals rescued by Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center in South Africa. Gertjie, the rhino, and Lammie, the lamb, love chasing eachother and playing around. What an adorable pair! — Global Animal
There is evidence that someone behind these experiments intentionally left out committee members who were opposed to testing the monkeys. Photo credit:

Stop The Monkey Business! Save Macaques From Cruelty

(ANIMAL TESTING/MONKEYS/ANIMAL RIGHTS) The University of Wisconsin has plans to conduct cruel and unethical forms of animal testing on newborn rhesus macaque monkeys. The animal testing is meant to provide doctors with further insight into the cognitive aspects of anxiety disorders. — Global Animal

Ben The Bear Celebrates Two Years Of Freedom

(ANIMAL RESCUE/BEARS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Two years ago, Ben the bear was rescued from Jambbas Ranch Tours, a private ranch attraction in North Carolina, thanks to the help of animal organizations like PETA and Animal Legal Defense League (ALDF). After six years of living in a cement prison, Ben now celebrates his freedom at Performing Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) ARK Sanctuary in California. — Global Animal