(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL SHELTERS/ACTIVISM) Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell has donated over $40,000 to the Manchester Dogs’ Home animal shelter after it tragically burned down from a fire on September 11. The fire, likely caused by arson, killed over 60 dogs.

Cowell’s extreme act of kindness will help rebuild the animal shelter, and Cowell is determined to bring justice to the tragedy.

Read on to learn more about how Simon Cowell plans to help save the Manchester Dogs’ Home. —Global Animal

Manchester Dogs' Home was established in 1893. Photo credit: Ecorazzi
Simon Cowell has donated over $40,000 to the Manchester Dogs’ Home animal shelter. Photo credit: Ecorazzi

Mirror, Mark Jefferies

Simon Cowell has spoken for the first time about donating £25,000 to the fire-hit dogs home – and pledged to give a further £10,000 for a holiday to the hero duo who saved the animals.

The X Factor judge, 54, joined thousands of others in pledging cash to the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home, which was set ablaze on Thursday killing more than 60 animals.

Cowell said he would donate £25,000 to help rebuild the home and another £10,000 to take Jason Dyer and Dean Rostock – who saved around 20 dogs from the fire – on all expenses paid holidays.

Cowell said:

“I have got my dogs here and I love my dogs. The fact is they are in a rescue home which is bad enough, and then for something like that to happen, is disgusting.

“I can’t even think about it, so many dogs died. We are going to give them some money and take the guys who rescued some of the dogs on holiday because of what they did.

“I only got Jason and Dean’s names today. I would just say both of them, they are true heroes and lots of respect from me for doing it. it was very upsetting.”

Over 150 dogs were rescued from the Manchester fire. Photo credit: ITV News
Over 150 dogs were rescued from the Manchester fire. Photo credit: ITV News

Cowell said he had been “too upset” by the story to watch video footage of the fire when he had been alerted to the news by one of his American executives.

But he had been heartened by the response which has seen Brits hand over more than £1.2million in donations in just 48 hours.

Cowell said:

“We are a nation of animal lovers aren’t we? If there is any plus to get from this which is hard, it is that it does make people understand that there are these rescue centers. I have been to so many, it is heartbreaking. So at least they have got new homes”

He also said whoever was responsible should be jailed:

“It is unbelievable. Whatever the maximum sentence is I would double it, I really would. There is no justification for it, you can’t just kill animals and get away with it.”

After contacting Jason Dyer and Dean Rostock, Simon Cowell learned that there was a third unsung hero from the blaze, Jason’s son Danny Vere who joined in the rescue and then left without being interviewed as he had to return home to look after his daughter.

Cowell has pledged to also send Danny on holiday.

The three men are said to be “shocked” and “very grateful” after learning about Cowell’s present and donation to the Dog’s Home.

The public has donated many items including bedding, dog food, and bowls to the Manchester Dogs' Home. Photo credit: BBC News
The public has donated many items including bedding, dog food, and bowls to the Manchester Dogs’ Home. Photo credit: BBC News

Cowell was in Los Angeles to film The X Factor’s judges houses stage and allowed filming in his own LA home, where he cuddled up to his minature Yorkshire terriers Squidly and Diddly in between filming scenes and allowed contestants to play with them.

“I love those two and the idea that someone could harm them is bad,” he said reflecting on the fire before talking about his own pets.

“They (Squiddly and Diddly) have their moments, even though they are tiny they think they are guard dogs so they bark at everyone. Any guy who wears shorts freaks them out!”

Cowell’s donation will help rebuild a dogs home which was established in 1893.

The tragedy sparked such an outcry the Dogs’ Home was forced to tell people to stay away at the weekend after so many people travelled to the site to foster dogs and donate animal supplies that traffic queues backed up on the M6.

A 15-year-old boy has been bailed after the blaze in Moss Brook Road, Harpurhey.

The fire was tackled by more than 30 firefighters and more than 150 dogs were rescued.

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