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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Death Sentence For California Coyotes

(ANIMAL WELFARE/PETS/OP-ED) A California community approves the trapping and killing of coyotes. This statement would normally enrage me, but today I’m torn. The aforementioned area is my current home town of Seal Beach, and the reason the city council has approved such a desperate measure is because the coyotes are killing the residents’ pets. — Global Animal

Book Review: Be A Friend To Felines With “Cat Sense”

(CATS/ANIMAL BEHAVIOR/BOOK REVIEW) John Bradshaw's latest book Cat Sense: How The New Feline Science Can Make You A Better Friend To Your Pet delivers a go-to cat guide in one easy read. Cat Sense is a synthesis of several fields of scientific research on cats. It covers a vast array of subjects, from the history of feline domestication to feline biology and how cats perceive the world. — Global Animal

Bunny Office Assistant

(RABBITS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Job Wanted: Fast typist and experienced letter opener with amiable personality seeking administrative position. Available full-time but must have Easters off. — Global Animal

Parrot Loves New Bunny Friend

(FUNNY PETS/BIRDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) What's more adorable? Marnie the ringneck parrot greeting his new bunny or her sweet, doting parents? We think it's just too cute to call! — Global Animal

Furry Feats Of Animal Bravery

(WILDLIFE/PETS/FUNNY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Some animals are born brave, others have bravery thrust upon them. Enjoy this great compilation of some of the bravest animals captured on video. — Global Animal

Cat Meets Printer

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Molly, meet the printer. Printer, meet Molly the cat. — Global Animal
Hakol Chai documented the abuse of working horses and donkeys. Photo credit: Alex Roskowsky for NRG from CHAI

Israel Says ‘Neigh’ To Horse & Donkey Cart Cruelty

(ANIMAL RIGHTS/HORSES/DONKEYS) ISRAEL — Thanks to the efforts of the Israeli animal rights organization, Hakol Chai, Israel is now the first country to enact a nationwide ban on horse- and donkey-drawn carts. Even though these animal vehicles are now forbidden from streets and roads, they can still be used for tourism purposes. Horse- and donkey-drawn carriages can be quite harmful to animals, especially when they are forced to carry heavy loads such as furniture or construction material. Animals used for vehicular purposes in Israel also often endure starvation and neglect, and are rarely given proper veterinary care. After a decade of campaigning to end animal carriage practices, Hakol Chai has finally succeeded in improving conditions for horses and donkeys in Israel. Read on to learn about the importance of ending this cruel practice. — Global Animal

Zom-bee Apocalypse? Pesticides Killing Off More Bees

(ANIMAL NEWS/BEES/ENDANGERED SPECIES) Bee populations are drastically declining, and scientific research proves that neonicotinoid pesticides are to blame. Syngenta, a major pesticide company, has petitioned the U.S. government to increase the limit of neonicotinoid pesticide use in major crops, and the debate is open to public input until October 6, 2014. Read on to find out how you can help prevent legalization of increased pesticide used in the food you eat and protect bees from extinction. — Global Animal

Joker The Dog Wishes He Was A Dolphin

(DOGS/DOLPHINS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Joker has quite the imagination as he runs rampant with dolphins, even attempting to swim with them. Watch as this curious dog attempts to make some new friends! — Global Animal

PETA India Pushes Ban On Animal Testing

(ANIMAL WELFARE/COSMETIC ANIMAL TESTING) PETA India is launching an online campaigned aimed at the Indian Beauty & Hygiene Association (IBHA) as well as its small group of members consisting of cosmetic brands such as: L'Oréal and Procter & Gamble, to put a definite end to animal testing. Cosmetic animal testing has been banned in India since May 2014 and a ban on importing products that test on animals is still pending. PETA's initiative follows numerous meetings with the IBHA where they stated that although there currently is a ban on animal testing in India, they're in favor of weakening the law in order to continue to test cosmetics in India and import cosmetics from companies that test on animals. Continue reading to find out more about PETA's initiative. — Global Animal

Elephant Paints Self Portraits

(ELEPHANTS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE) Paya is one of six elephants whose keepers have taught them how to hold a paintbrush with their trunks. Watch her paint a beautiful self portrait of an elephant holding a flower. The artwork funds elephant conservation projects through "Starving Elephant Artisans." — Global Animal

Dog Masters Board Sports

(ENGLISH BULLDOGS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Think you're a skilled surfer, snowboarder, or skateboarder? Well, watch this bulldog display his master skills on all three boards and see how your skills compare. — Global Animal

Oscar’s Big Adventure

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS/PETS) Some dogs are willing to risk it all and go for the brass ring of dog bones. Oscar is that dog and this is his big adventure! — Global Animal

Kitty Mini Golf

(FUNNY CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this cat join in on a fun game of mini golf. The kitty attempts to bat away any ball that comes within a foot of the cup, and it looks like no one is able to make it past this furry trap. — Global Animal