(ANIMAL RESCUE/PIGS/FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY) PETA fieldworkers stumbled upon a horrific site the other week in North Carolina: a mother pig and her seven young piglets living in a hideous pen with no shelter to protect them from the blistering North Carolina sun.

Farm animal abuse, animal abuse, pigs, piglets
PETA discovered a mother pig and seven young piglets living in the pen pictured above. Photo Credit: PETA

After finding the pigs in disarray, the workers took immediate action. They promptly cleaned up the family and provided them with water, food, and a tarp to help cover them from the sun.

Farm animal abuse, animal abuse, pigs, piglets
The pigs’ pen before PETA provided the animals with clean water, food, and adequate shelter. Photo Credit: PETA

The pigs were owned by elderly couple incapable of giving the animals proper care and resources.

Originally the couple planned on selling the family to a slaughterhouse, but PETA fieldworkers intervened and convinced them to hand the pigs over to PETA.

Farm animal abuse, animal abuse, pigs, piglets
Mother pig and her piglets looking healthy at Popular Springs Animal Sanctuary. Photo Credit: Larry French/PETA

PETA then brought the family to the Popular Springs Animal Sanctuary in Maryland. For the first time in their lives, these pigs will finally have enough room to roam, clean water, and plenty of healthy food to eat.

Watch the video of the pigs’ miraculous rescue, here.

— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal