(PET PICTURES/FUNNY DOGS) Famed pet photographer Seth Casteel has found success in an area most people wouldn’t think to explore, but once his website, Little Friends, took off in February 2012 he had an undeniable hit on his hands.

Seth Casteel's book Underwater Dogs was a hit in 2012.
Photographer Seth Casteel gets up close and personal with Buster the dog. Photo Credit: I’m Ready for My Close-Up Mr. Casteel: The Making of Underwater Dogs

Casteel’s photographs chronicle the charming sogginess of underwater canines, and are featured in his book Underwater Dogs and on his website.

However, if you’re still aching for more hilarious pictures of dogs, the Animal History Museum has you covered.

The museum’s most recent online exhibit focuses on the behind-the-scenes work of Casteel’s photography.

The exhibit, I’m Ready for My Close-Up Mr. Casteel: The Making of Underwater Dogs, can be found on the Animal History Museum’s website, and includes behind the scenes footage, adorable photos, and an exclusive interview with Casteel himself.

Nevada, a Border Collie, stars in one of Casteel's photographs. Photo Credit: Seth Casteel
Nevada, a Border Collie, stars in one of Casteel’s photographs. Photo Credit: Seth Casteel

There’s no doubt Casteel can entertain us with his photography, but the online exhibit shares a side of him that lies below the surface of his underwater photos.

In the exhibit, Casteel shares the story of his volunteer work, and his creation of Second Chance Photos, a project that uses photography to increase adoption rates.

Seth Casteel's Underwater Dogs photographs are celebrated by the Animal History Museum.
Rocco, a seven-year-old Boston Terrier, never knew swimming could be so fun. Photo Credit: Seth Casteel

Additionally, Casteel has joined with charity partners to create the program One Picture Saves a Life, which teaches photography workshops at animal shelters.

Check out this awesome exhibit on the Animal history Museum’s webpage by clicking through this link, you’ll be happy you did.

— Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal