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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy makes the leap from the comics to the movies Friday, August 1st.

Movie Review: “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Blasts Off

(MOVIE REVIEW) If the Avengers are Marvel’s golden children, then the Guardians of the Galaxy are certainly the comic giant’s punky, alternative cousins. Directed and written by James Gunn, who previously wrote the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake and both Scooby-Doo installments, Guardians of the Galaxy proves that big-budget action movies can be as clever as they are explosive. — Global Animal

The Well-Intentioned Eater: Cruelty-Free Summer Skin

(ANIMAL TESTING/COSMETIC TESTING) During the summer, there are three things I’m never without when I venture outside: my sunglasses, sunscreen, and a fake tan. For me, shorts and sleeveless shirts look so much nicer when my arms and legs are tanned. When I was younger I always had a great tan the old fashioned way, but now that I’m older and a bit wiser, I know better. A golden tan is definitely not worth the risk of skin cancer which is now the single most common form of cancer in America. Nearly five million people are treated each year. The United States surgeon general even issued a skin-cancer warning this week. But I have to admit, it’s not all about my health. Lets face it, even though I love elephants I certainly don’t want my skin looking like one. — Global Animal

Operation Hen Freedom

(FARM ANIMALS/CHICKENS/ANIMAL RESCUE VIDEO) Animal Place, an animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, recently rescued 500 hens from a battery cage farm. In the video above, watch as these hens touch the ground for the first time ever, having spent a year suspended above the ground in cages where they could not spread their wings. The animals' reaction is absolutely priceless. — Global Animal
Three-quarters of the world’s primary fisheries have been overexploited and are in danger of becoming dead zones. Photo credit: Robert Harding

Ships Strike Whale Populations

(OCEANS/BLUE WHALES) CALIFORNIA — Blue whales are sadly facing threats to their population numbers once again. Blue whales commonly swim in waters, or "hot spots," off of the coasts of Los Angeles and San Francisco—areas that intersect with busy United States shipping lanes. Whales are hit by large commercial ships that overlap with whale "hot spots," resulting in fatal accidents. With the blue whale population currently at numbers as low as 2,500, even the death of a single whale is critical. Experts in the field are hopeful that new satellite tracking data will help minimize crashes between whales and ships in the area, however, rerouting the ship traffic away from the whales would pose numerous challenges. Read on to learn more about protecting the blue whale population. — Global Animal

Parrot Woos His Bird With Serenade

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/BIRDS/PARROTS) The domestic green parrot has developed an interesting mating ritual over the years. The male parrot will sing a familiar hip-hop song in order to woo his partner. If the female looks annoyed and slightly confused, you know that she's really into it. — Global Animal

Kitten Dozes Off Watching TV

(CUTE KITTENS/CATS/BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) Sometimes the constant action on TV grows a bit tedious, no matter how interesting the Law and Order rerun. We've all dosed off on the couch, and this kitten is no different—only much, much cuter. — Global Animal
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Joanie Loves Chachi: A Best Friends Story (GALLERY)

(DOGS/ANIMAL FRIENDS/PICTURES OF ANIMALS) Is there any better love story than a beautiful friendship between two unlikely companions? A group of police officers in Savannah, Georgia found a stray pit bull wandering the streets with a Chihuahua in her mouth. The little dog had an extremely infected eye, so occasionally the pit bull would put her friend down to lick her wounded eye clean. Shortly after finding these two adorable friends wandering the streets alone, the officers took them to the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Animal Control Shelter (SCMAC), where the two were separated for a few days while the Chihuahua underwent emergency eye surgery. After their reunion, there was no denying that these two are best friends and deserve to spend the rest of their happy lives together. In fact, the shelter even named these pups "Joanie & Chachi" due to their close bond. According to the Joanie loves Chachi Facebook page, the shelter is still looking for their perfect forever home. Check out the gallery below to see exactly how much Joanie loves Chachi. — Global Animal

Lion King All Hugs For Lady Who Saved Him

(WILDLIFE/LIONS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch how this lion envelopes his rescuer in a loving embrace, wrapping his paws around her in a mega-hug. And that smile!  The queen of this lion's heart saved him from an abusive life in the circus, and this king of the jungle has no problem showing his gratitude. — Global Animal

Dog’s Game Creates Contagious Giggles

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This baby and dog are having so much fun it's guaranteed to get you laughing, too! Stay until the end, where the giggle-fest ends in gentle sweetness. — Global Animal

Misleading Animal Names (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL NAMES) While some animal species are humorously named after celebrities such as Beyonce, George Bush, and Star Wars character Yoda, other animal names seem to make no sense at all. I wonder if the scientists who named these animals were just trying to pull our legs... — Global Animal

Baby Alpaca Chases Dog Through Fields

(DOGS/ALPACAS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Here's a glimpse of an animal lover's heaven—a baby alpaca chasing a dog in Elysian fields. — Global Animal

Dolphins’ Big Blow To Bahamas Tourist Attractions?

(DOLPHINS/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Thanks to the hard work from animal activists, specifically the group reEarth in the Bahama’s, the Supreme Court is forcing a dolphinarium that was housing eight captive dolphins to shut down. The Supreme Court’s decision to close the tourist attraction comes after reEarth, a nonprofit community and environmental watch group, obtained documents proving government violations. — Global Animal

Dog Defeats The Cone Of Shame

(CUTE DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Is there anything worse for a dog than the dreaded cone of shame? Maybe trying to walk up the stairs while wearing one. This pup triumphs through sheer ingenuity! — Global Animal
Arturo is the mascot of the Mendoza Zoo. Photo credit:

Zoo Freezes Plans To Move “World’s Saddest” Polar Bear

(POLAR BEARS/ZOOS/ANIMAL WELFARE) ARGENTINA — Zoo directors at Mendoza Zoo in Argentina refuse to transport Arturo, a 900 pound polar bear, to a more accommodating and spacious enclosure in Canada. Arturo currently lives alone in a concrete enclosure with only a 20-inch-deep pool which he uses to cool himself. Since temperatures in Mendoza can reach up to 86 degrees in the summer months, this habitat is hardly suitable to a polar bear's needs. — Global Animal