(PET CARE/CATS) Learning about cat behavior is an important part of training your new pet. It’s vital to remember that positive reinforcement is key, so make sure to use rewards to help teach your cat new behavior.

With encouragement, you and your cat can accomplish amazing things. Read on for more on understanding cat behavior as well as training tips using treats and other non-food rewards. — Global Animal

Lisa is 6 weeks old. Photo Credit: Beth Caldwell (CATS/KITTENS)
It’s important to remember that positive reinforcement is key when it comes to training your pet. Photo Credit: Beth Caldwell

Cat Training: Tips for Your Pet

By Dana Smith

If you’re thinking about bringing home a new cat or a kitten, your first step should be to immediately start learning more about cat behavior. Understanding pet psychology, or better yet cat psychology, will significantly help with training your pet.

Simply by observation, you will be able to understand the many ways in which your cat behaves. But before you dip into the details, please note that positive reinforcement always works better than negative reinforcement. Cats, like all pets, are delicate creatures and should be handled with care.

A negative reaction from you can yield negative results from your cat. Therefore, it’s important to spare the rod with these furry friends. Give them a reward for positive behavior and they are likely to soon drop the negative behavior.

The Basics of Cat Behavior

Why do cats behave the way they do? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to make your cat like his/her bed and finally sleep on the cat furniture you purchased specifically for them?

What helps? Motivation. Just like with children (and employees), invoking motivation is the best way to achieve what you want. The real question is how to motivate? For animals, obviously money and candy is just a waste.

The trick is to know what works as a reward for your cat. For most pets, it’s all about the food. The time at which the reward is given is also very important. Because cats have extremely short attention spans, they should be rewarded almost immediately. Also, make sure to trade the treats for something healthier once in a while.

But food isn’t the only way to give your pet positive reinforcement. You could also try some play time with a toy, or surprise them with a new piece of furniture specially designed just for them. Take, for instance, Hepper cat furniture, which builds modern pet furnishings for cats and dogs. A pod cat bed or scratching post could be the perfect reward for your feline companion, making your pet happy and your home looking hip.

These are just a few of the many ways to train your cat. Continue researching cat behavior as much as possible to gain a better understanding about why your cat behaves a certain way. Happy training!