(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/CONSERVATION) Seven-year-old Olivia Binfield gained the judges attention on Britain’s Got Talent with her huge heart and compassion for animals. Although just a child, Olivia aspires to be a zoologist and dedicates herself to protecting our animal friends.

With the help of her co-star, a boa constrictor named Lucy, Olivia recited a poem she wrote from memory about her love of animals. The poem entitled “Endangered Animals” raises questions such as: why do humans treat animals so poorly? Watch the audition in the following video clip and read the full poem below. — Global Animal

“Endangered Animals” by Olivia Binfield

Come on, Don’t you have a heart?
You don’t want these animals to depart.
Forget the X Factor and the top 10 singing chart.
Look at the most endangered animals and the Poison darts (frogs).
The Amur leopard, Siberian tiger and Polar bear.
They’re so gorgeous, it’s just not fair!
If I say their Latin names, will you listen more?
Oh Louis (Walsh), please don’t say this is a bore!
Varanus komodoensis: Komodo Dragon, by the way.
Why does man have to take them all away?
Why does he hunt and poach?
Man, you are such a fool!
Snakes skinned alive for handbags?
That is just not cool.
Please listen to my passion, although it may not be in fashion.
I cannot sing it, you might laugh.
I cannot dance, you would say that I was daft.
But I am seven and I want these animals to last.