(EXOTIC PETS/CELEBRITY NEWS) Grammy-nominated artist Tyga is under fire for the illegal possession of a wild animal after California Wildlife officers received a complaint that there was a tiger in the rapper’s Ventura County home.

The “Rack City” star could face up to six months in jail for his actions.

Wildlife, wild animals, Tyga, Rapper, Hip Hop, tigers
Tyga’s seven-month-old pet tiger on a leash. Photo Credit: Instagram @kinggoldchains

TMZ reports when officials arrived at Tyga’s home, he had already placed the pet tiger in an animal shelter.

Law enforcement told TMZ they found the seven-month-old tiger in a private shelter and have since found the animal a safer home in a state facility.

Wildlife, wild animals, Tyga, Rapper, Hip Hop, tigers
Tyga even brought his seven-month old pet tiger to the studio with him. Photo Credit: Instagram @kinggoldchains

It’s unclear how long the rapper had the tiger cub in his possession, but he began posting photos with the tiger cub to his Instagram account last month.

Witness Tyga play with his pet tiger in the video clip below.

Tyga was supposedly unaware of the legal implications of owning an exotic animal, but he ultimately took the necessary steps to find proper shelter for the tiger.

Wildlife, wild animals, Tyga, Rapper, Hip Hop, tigers
Tyga’s pet tiger cub poses on the hood of his car for a photo shoot. Photo Credit: Instagram @kinggoldchains

Keeping a wild animal as a pet—even if the animal is loved and treated kindly—can be dangerous and a threat to public health and safety.

Not only can wild animals attack and spread disease, but the average person cannot provide the care they require in a captive environment.

Simply put, wild animals are meant to be in the wild where they have the freedom to roam and socialize with other wild animals.

— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal