(BOOK REVIEW) Among Animals could simply be described as a book focusing on anthrozoology, but it’s much more than that. The book is a touching and raw collection of beautifully crafted, moving short fiction stories, where human and animal lives intertwine in unexpected ways.

Photo credit: Ashland Creek Press
Among Animals. Photo credit: Ashland Creek Press

Among Animals is different from other books of its genre for multiple reasons. For one, it steers away from the cliché White Fang storyline of animals as our friends, or beasts waiting to be tamed.

Instead it offers a more realistic, natural view of animals and the myriad of characteristics these varied species possess.

The book also offers several point of views including tales from a zookeeper, shelter worker, penguin researcher, as well as a neighborhood stray.

Some stories deal directly with animals, while in others, the animals play a symbolic role. Some are told from the animal’s perspective, while others take us on a journey inside the human mind.

All in all, this page-turner takes you down several narrative pathways and always keeps you interested in what’s coming next.

Among Animals is a beautiful testament to the various human-animal relationships and interactions. It’s stories are emotional and rhetorically poetic, while remaining authentic.

Stories and contributors include:

  • “Alas, Falada!” by Diane Lefer
  • “Greyhound” by Jean Ryan
  • “Beyond the Strandline” by Mary Akers
  • “Meat” by C.S. Malerich
  • “Aren’t You Pretty?” by Patrick Hicks
  • “The Ecstatic Cry” by Midge Raymond
  • “Litter” by Philip Armstrong
  • “The Boto’s Child” by Rosalie Loewen
  • “Emu” by Jessica Zbeida
  • “With Sheep” by Carol Guess and Kelly Magee
  • “Pelicans” by Julian Hoffman
  • “The Weight of Things Unsaid” by Sara Dupree
  • “Blue Murder” by Suzanne Kamata
  • “Bad Berry” Season by Melodie Edwards
  • “Miriam’s Lantern” by Ray Keifetz

Publisher: Ashland Creek Press

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Sonia Horon, exclusive to Global Animal