(CELEBRITIES/PETS) This year’s April Fools’ Day was not filled with joy and laughter for Miley Cyrus who found out mid-afternoon that her beloved Alaskan Klee Kai puppy named Floyd passed away.

Miley has had Floyd since July 2011 and he just turned two this past summer. Photo Credit: @MileyCyrus via Twitter
Miley and Floyd had been companions since July 2011. He passed on April 1, 2014. Photo Credit: @MileyCyrus via Twitter

The normally happy and bubbly celebrity was torn to pieces over her loss, tweeting “today is the 2nd worst day of my life” on Twitter. She explained in a later tweet,  “I don’t wanna say it because I don’t want it to be real… But my precious baby Floyd has passed away. I am broken” along with a picture of her and Floyd.

The devastated star kept tweeting, sharing her emotions with 17.7 million followers.

“I know I don’t mean it but I wish he would’ve taken me with him this is unbearable. What am I gonna do without him? I am miserable.”

She went on to apologize in advance to her fans who planned on attending the next stop of the Bangerz tour in Boston.

“I’m sorry in advance if I am not myself tomorrow Boston. I will try my best to be my best.”

Her fans immediately responded with a flood of condolences, and caused the hashtag #RIPFloyd to become a trending topic on Twitter.

At the Boston show, Cyrus took a moment to dedicate a song to Floyd saying, “It’s gonna be hard for me on this next song. I’m not sounding myself, I don’t feel myself. But I just wanna do one song. I’m sure you guys already know, but the reason that I’m so upset is my dog, I shouldn’t say he was my favorite but he was my favorite, he passed away. I just wanna do a song for him. We used to always listen to Fleetwood Mac together, it’s his favorite song…so I wanna do this song for Floyd. This song is ‘Landslide.'”

Cyrus was clearly emotional during her performance, but was rewarded with massive applause from her audience at the song’s close. Her 14-year-old sister, Noah, even rushed on stage to embrace Cyrus during the song.

On Wednesday, Cyrus updated fans on her clearly heartbroken state.

“I miss him so much.

What you don’t understand is he’s not in a better place…the best place he could be was with me…where he was loved more than anything.

This is the 3rd worst day of my life. I am beyond miserable.”

Cyrus experienced a similar loss in 2012 when her two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Lila passed away unexpectedly.

Her three remaining companions are Ziggy, Happy and Mary Jane.

Our condolences go out to Cyrus and her family during this difficult time. Floyd will be truly missed.

— Kayla Newcomer, exclusive to Global Animal