(CATS AND DOGS/PETS) April is Pet First-Aid Awareness Month, and in celebration, Denise Fleck, author of Don’t Judge a Book by its Coveris introducing new products to her Sunny-dog Ink line.

Sunny-dog Ink and Fleck created the veterinarian-approved safety kits for both dogs and cats, and offer first aid kits for different occasions and scenarios. Continue reading to find out more about the kits and how to keep your pets safe. — Global Animal

Photo Credit: Sunny-Dog Ink
Sunny-dog Ink has released its Spring 2014 line of Pet First-Aid Kits just in time for National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month. Photo Credit: Sunny-Dog Ink

Sunny-dog Ink

Sunny-dog Ink is pleased to announce its Spring 2014 line of Pet First-Aid Kits in time for National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month (April).  Pet CPR Instructor and Author, Denise Fleck, created these Veterinarian-approved kits to Help People Help Their Pets™ and is offering enhancements this season.

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Author Denise Fleck with her black lab, Mr. Rico.
Photo Credit: Denis Fleck

“It is so rewarding teaching pet owners how to rescue Rover or help Fluffy feel better, but in addition to a caring heart and loving hands, you need your pet’s ‘tool kit’ to complete the task.  Although my students go home with the best intentions of making their own kits…it just wasn’t happening, so a few years back, I decided to do the job for them. My kits include all the items students are taught to use in my classes and books, not just lots of gauze, but a great variety of top quality products to give you a leg up on helping your pet!”

The Sunny-dog Ink line consists of four PAWmazing Pet First-Aid Kits.  Each includes an informative pocket guide and laminated pull-out tips to walk care-givers through the necessary steps:

  • Photo Credit: Sunny-Dog Ink
    Sunny-dog Ink offers different Pet First-Aid Kits for different occasions and scenarios. Photo Credit: Sunny-Dog Ink

    The Dog-About-Town Kit comes in a fanny pack to keep dog walkers prepared and hands-free.  It includes a cell phone and water bottle pouch along with paw cream to aid on rough terrain, water bowl, doggie bag dispenser, wound care spray and bandaging materials to insure every sniff can be enjoyed along the way until you get to your more complete pet kit in your car or house.

  • The No Place Like Home Kits (one for dogs and one for cats) have been designed to prevent further injury and alleviate discomfort from a sudden injury or illness before you reach veterinary help.  Bandaging materials, meds, tweezers, scissors, thermometer & gel, muzzle (in case your best friend is in great distress), anti-bacterial cleanser, electrolyte replenisher, styptic powder, eye wash, hydrogen peroxide and more are included.
  • The Dog-on-the-Go Ultimate Hiking & Travel First-Aid Kit is for the dog and his human who live life to the fullest — it is the home kit on steroids!  With extra bandaging and splinting materials, paw protector cream, stethoscope and emergency whistle-compass-outdoor temperature gauge, it will keep both you and your canine companion on-track and out of the heat.  Newly added products make this kit a necessity for pet parents everywhere.
Photo Credit: Sunny-Dog Ink
Sunny-dog Ink Dog First-Aid Kits now include Earth Heart aromatherapy sprays. Photo Credit: Sunny-Dog Ink

“In recognition of National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month, I am thrilled to add several quality products that will enhance my product line…Aromatherapy sprays by Earth Heart® are now a standard for Sunny-dog Ink Dog First-Aid Kits — Buzz Guard to improve outdoor comfort, Canine Calm to aid with loud noises or anxiety caused by a trip to the Veterinarian and Travel Calm to alleviate upset tummies.  Also a dehydrated pumpkin-apple fiber product to help with intestinal issues will join the line-up along with a QR ID Tag.  Prices and a complete list of items included in each Kit are available at www.sunnydogink.com

Earth Heart founder, Vicki Rae Thorne shares,

“Earth Heart is honored to have our products included in the Sunny-dog Ink line of Pet First-Aid Kits. Our sprays help the animals and their human caregivers stay calm during unsettling times, ease travel upsets and more fully enjoy their outdoor activities. Conscientious pet parents who want to be prepared for pet emergencies will appreciate the integrative approach to first aid offered in these kits.”

Pet First-Aid Kit creator/author/instructor Denise Fleck has shared Pet Safety Tips in magazines on TV and Radio, most recently CBS-TV’s The Doctors and msn.com’s Unleashed.  Twice weekly she instills her passion in high school students through an after-school animal care program she teaches as a joint venture between her city’s school district and animal shelter. Her book Pet First Aid for Kids is now available on Amazon as is the first in her series of illustrated children’s stories about animals entitled, Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.

The new kits will debut April 1, 2014 and are available on the Sunny-dog Ink website (www.SunnyDogInk.com). Additional information about Earth Heart products can be found at www.EarthHeartInc.com.