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Columbia has passed a bill banning circuses from using wild animals in their show.

Stop The Big Top: New Bill Could Ban Wild Animals In U.S. Circuses

(CIRCUSES/ANIMAL RIGHTS) Today Congressman Jim Moran introduced the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA) that would finally put an end to wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses. Video and photographic evidence shows how animals used in traveling circuses are subjected to unavoidable suffering—from their restricted, barren facilities to being forced to perform unnatural acts. If the new bill passes, the U.S. would join 30 other countries around the world that have already passed similar bills, including Austria, Belgium, Greece, India, Bolivia, Colombia, and Panama. TEAPA is also gaining support from several celebrities and activists such as longtime The Price is Right host Bob Barker and CSI actress Jorja Fox. Continue reading below to find out more about TEAPA and see how you can get involved and help support the bill. — Global Animal

How Prisons Are Keeping Cats Off Death Row

(CATS/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Great Meadow Correctional Facility in New York is one of the many institutions now taking part in a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for feral cats living on its grounds. With TNR programs, cats are humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and then eartipped to help keep unsocialized feral cats out of shelters. More than 430 districts nationwide embrace TNR programs, and several prisons are introducing TNR programs to help control feral cat populations while offering valuable enrichment to inmates and staff members. Read on to learn more about how TNR programs and correctional institutions are keeping cats off death row. — Global Animal

The Well-Intentioned Eater: Mushrooms, The Other White Meat

(MEATLESS/VEGETARIAN/VEGAN RECIPES) When I’m craving something decadent and hearty, vegetarian doesn’t usually come to mind—until I discovered portabella mushrooms, that is. They’re nourishing and flavorful, and when you stuff them with cheese and other vegetables, they’re completely satisfying. It’s like having a burger with the works, only much healthier and better for your waistline. — Global Animal

Drones Deployed In War On Poaching

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/POACHING) Kenya's government will soon deploy drones in all 52 of its national parks and reserves in hopes of finally putting an end to the region's illegal poaching crisis. After a pilot project in a protected wildlife area, the drones proved amazingly effective and managed to reduce poaching by 96 percent. So far this year, 51 elephants and 18 rhinos were killed at the hands of poachers. Time will only tell if this new program will end the war on poaching once and for all. — Global Animal

Book Review: “Among Animals” Illustrates Interspecies Connections

(BOOK REVIEW) Among Animals could simply be described as a book focusing on anthrozoology, but it's much more than that. The book is a touching and raw collection of beautifully crafted, moving short fiction stories, where human and animal lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Read on for more on this fascinating book. — Global Animal  

Rock N’ Roll Cockatoo

(FUNNY BIRDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This dancing Cockatoo loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rock on, dude! — Global Animal

Marmoset’s Astounding Show Of Love (VIDEO)

(PRIMATES/WILDLIFE) BRAZIL — A male marmoset was caught on video caring for his dying partner in the jungles of Brazil. The video astounded scientists who have only witnessed such behavior in humans and chimpanzees. This story is just one of many in the long list of loyal and loving bonds between animals of all species. Watch the video below and continue reading for more details on the bereaved male marmoset. — Global Animal

New Literary Contest Spotlights Environmental Activism

(ENVIRONMENTAL LITERATURE) Ashland Creek Press is holding a contest for its first annual book award, the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature. Open to unpublished manuscripts such as: novels, memoirs, short stories, and essays, the contest emphasizes positive environmental literature that focuses on environment, animal protection, ecology, and wildlife rather than an array of stories about hunting and fishing. The winner will receive a cash prize, and will be published by Ashland Creek Press. The contest is judged by famed environmental author and New York Times best-selling author Karen Joy Fowler. The deadline for submission is September 30, 2014. Continue reading for more details on the contest. — Global Animal

Porcupine Plays Like A Dog

(WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This little porcupine is as playful as a dog. Raised as a pet, he now now lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. — Global Animal

Boxer Pup Hits A High Note

(PUPPIES/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Sometimes talent is born and not made. This baby boxer has what it takes to go right to the top of the puppy opera world. Listen to those high notes! — Global Animal

Joe Schreibvogel, GW Exotic Animal Park zoo owner, poses with tiger

OSHA Takes Action Against Roadside Zoo

(ANIMAL WELFARE) G.W. Exotic Animal Park is in trouble again  this time with OSHA. After a formal complaint from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, OSHA looked into the hazardous working conditions at the park and fined them $5,200. In late 2013, a worker was injured by a tiger, nearly losing her arm and prompting the request from the ALDF to look further into worker safety at the park. The park has been in the spotlight before due to undercover investigations revealing dozens of tiger cubs have died under the supervision of the roadside zoo. The operator of the park, Joe Scheibvogel, has also been fined $25,000 for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Read the full article for more on this dangerous roadside zoo. — Global Animal

A Friend In Need…

(TURTLES/CUTE ANIMAL FRIENDS VIDEO) Prepare to be moved by this heroic tortoise who helps a pal out of a tough spot. These two tortoises remind us that friends always have each other's backs. It's an eye-mister of the very best kind. — Global Animal

Chimpanzee, Captive animals, captive primates, monkeys

Chimp Takes Captors To Court

(PRIMATES/ANIMAL RIGHTS) Tommy, a lonely chimpanzee held captive by his owner, is making history as the first non-human primate to sue his captor to gain his freedom. While investigating a trailer junk yard, animal rights lawyer Steven Wise found more than he bargained for. Wise found Tommy in what he describes as a dungeon. In order to win Tommy his freedom, Wise—alongside a group of outstanding animal rights lawyers—filed a lawsuit in Tommy's name against his captors. Some think Wise is going overboard, but primates are intelligent and social creatures who have the right to their own freedom. Continue reading for more on the lawsuit and share your thoughts in the comments below. — Global Animal

PETA, Bears, Sanctuary

Rescued Mama Bear & Her Cubs Find Sanctuary (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL RESCUE/WILDLIFE SANCTUARY) PETA, along with help from Simpsons Co-creator Sam Simon and the Atlanta Humane Society, released the most heartwarming and adorable video of a mama bear and her cubs discovering their new surroundings for the first time. — Global Animal