(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL WELFARE) You can add cobra to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s growing closet of animal skins.

Beyoncé’s rare cobra skin one-legged jumpsuit was reportedly blocked by European customs officials before the start of the Portuguese leg of her world tour last Tuesday. But Beyoncé’s stylists managed to file the proper paperwork with customs just in time for the opening night of her shows in Lisbon, Portugal on Wednesday.

Beyonce wearing a rare cobra skin jumpsuit designed by Tom Ford. Photo Credit: Tonpetitlook.com
Beyoncé’s custom-made rare cobra skin jumpsuit was stopped by European customs, but released in time for her show in Lisbon. Photo Credit: Tonpetitlook.com

The jumpsuit was made by designer Rubin Singer, who was also responsible for Beyoncé’s Super Bowl outfit made of iguana and python skins, and is reported to source the animal skins himself.

Music mogul Jay Z announced on his website Life & Times that he and his wife Beyonce are doing a 22 day vegan challenge, describing it as "a spiritual and physical cleanse."/Photo credit: FilmMagic
Jay Z and Beyoncé both share a love for animal skin. Photo credit: FilmMagic

Beyoncé and Jay Z have certainly demonstrated a liking to all things made of exotic animals as of late. Last year, in addition to the aforementioned Super Bowl outfit, Beyoncé had her Marant wedge sneakers customized into a monstrosity of a shoe made of stingray, anaconda, ostrich, crocodile, and calf.

“Queen Bee” also donned a mink coat to President Obama’s inauguration in January of that same year, and it’s been speculated that at one point she even wore mink false eyelashes.

Jay Z's Air Jordans.
Jay Z’s pair of PMK Brooklyn Air Jordans made from ten animal skins.

For Jay Z, he designed a pair of sneakers made of eight different animal skins including calf, ostrich, python, boa constrictor, crocodile, lizard, alligator and stingray skins, as well as faux elephant skin.

It seems the Carters are compiling quite a menagerie of dead animals in their closet, and show no remorse for their unethical fashion choices—making the power couple’s vegan diet stint in December seem pretty unconvincing.

The power couple have both been involved in human charities, and we hope the public outcry will influence them to extend their charity to animals as well.

— Israel Igualate, exclusive to Global Animal