(DOG RESCUE/PETS) WASHINGTON — The Kuntz family of Darrington, Washington was devastated when they returned from their son’s baseball game to find their home completely destroyed. In fact, the wreckage was moved 150 feet from it’s original foundation.

The Kuntz family already lost an aunt, Linda McPherson, to the deadly mudslide and was terrified that they also lost their dog and cat who were left alone in the house.

Upon searching through the rubble, the Kuntz family was surprised to hear whining. Buddy, the family chocolate Labrador was lifted out of the mess with relatively minor injuries.

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Quinton Kuntz fondly pets his beloved chocolate labrador, Buddy. Photo Credit: Youtube

“I just broke down crying really happy that my dog was alright…I’m just shocked how well he did against my whole house falling on him,” Quinton Kuntz recounted.

Sadly, the family cat was not found.

The deadly Washington mudslide has already claimed 24 victims and counting, but this Darrington family was grateful to have been spared the life of at least one family member.

After finding Buddy and losing their cat, the Kuntz family is now helping rescue other animals in the Darlington area. They also recently found their Aunt Linda’s missing dog.

Watch the miraculous rescue in the video below.

— Kayla Newcomer, exclusive to Global Animal