(CATS AND DOGS/ANIMAL TESTING) Victoria Stilwell, star of the TV show, It’s Me Or The Dog, has joined the BUAV in speaking out against animal testing. The BUAV’s campaign, Our Best Friends, seeks to end the harmful testing of cats and dogs in the United Kingdom.

Victoria Stilwell of the tv show "It's Me Or The Dog" joined a campaign to save animals. (CATS AND DOGS/ANIMAL TESTING)
Victoria Stilwell joined the BUAV in the fight to save cats and dogs form harmful testing. Photo Credit: Parker Smith Photography

At laboratories in the UK, dogs are mostly used in testing drugs for side effects and can experience a variety of reactions, including internal bleeding, paralysis, and possibly death.

“I have met thousands of wonderful dogs throughout my career and it is heart-breaking to think that dogs are still suffering in experiments. Dogs are our best friends and deserve to experience companionship, the excitement of going for a walk and the comfort and safety of a loving home…” says Stilwell.

Ricky Gervais speaking in support of the global movement to end cosmetic testing on animals. Photo Credit: Getty Images
Ricky Gervais also supports the BUAV and has spoken out against the Cardiff Univeristy cat experiments. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cats are also used in labs for scientific research and for experiments by pet food companies. The BUAV recently exposed Cardiff University for performing experiments in which cats’ eyes were sewn shut. The cats were then killed and dissected.

Puppies and kittens are also bred for some UK labs and killed after the experiments are over, living their entire lives in the labs.

Take Action: Sign the petition requesting to put an end to the testing and killing of puppies, kittens, and other young animals in the UK!

— Elana Pisani, exclusive to Global Animal