Top Dog Turns Tail: Adopted Puppy Saves Family’s Lives

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Hunter is a 3-month-old mixed husky puppy adopted from a local Michigan shelter. Photo Credit: CBS Detroit

(PETS/PUPPIES) MICHIGAN — Hunter, a three-month-old mixed Husky puppy adopted from the Michigan Humane Society at Petco in Sterling Heights, saved the lives of his new family by alerting them to a stove left on in the middle of the night.

Guardian Jill McLarty claimed that Hunter wouldn’t stop whining. She let him outside in case he wanted to use the restroom, but he just sat at the door until he was let back inside.

He kept whining until McLarty followed him into the kitchen, where he plopped down next to the stove.

McLarty then realized the stove was still set at low, with no flame—meaning gas had been leaking for six hours.

After the stove was turned off, Hunter immediately went back to sleep, successfully protecting the lives of his guardians as well as their three daughters.

Way to go, Hunter!

“He is the first dog we ever adopted (from MHS) and I would recommend it to anybody,” said Tim McLarty, Jill’s husband. “And as cliché as it sounds, the life you save may save yours.”

—Kayla Newcomer, exclusive to Global Animal