(ANIMAL TESTING/ACTIVISM) WISCONSIN — Jordan Turner, a college student from Watertown, Wisconsin, is campaigning against Philip Morris and Altria Group and their continued cruel practice of testing tobacco products on animals.

In direct response to the recent efforts made by Lollard Inc., Jordan hopes the trend will take off with other giant tobacco corporations throughout the U.S. Similar tobacco-testing habits have already been banned in the UK and Germany.

Read below for more details and sign Turner’s petition today to help fight Philip Morris and Altria Group’s inhumane practices. — Global Animal

cigarettes, animal testing, animal cruelty, marlboro, philip morris, pmi, smoking
Jordan Turner’s cover photo for his petition campaign against Philip Morris. Photo Credit: Change.org

Change.org, Jordan Turner

Hello I’m Jordan Turner from Wisconsin. I’m a college student who cares about the welfare of animals, and want your help to tell Philip Morris and its owners at Altria Group to stop testing cigarettes and tobacco products on animals!

A couple years ago, I learned about the tobacco industry’s cruel experiments that are conducted on helpless animals. According to PETA’s website, Philip Morris stuffed thousands of rats into tiny canisters and pumped tobacco smoke directly into their noses six hours a day for 90 consecutive days. The rats were then killed and dissected in order to examine the harm caused to their bodies! I even read a very recent study from this month where Altria (the company that owns Philip Morris) did tests to expose groups of male and female rats to smoke for 4 hours a day for two weeks!

That is animal cruelty paid for by Philip Morris!

cigarettes, animal testing, animal cruelty, marlboro, philip morris, pmi, smoking
Although misspelled in this photo, Philip Morris clearly needs to look to the future by banning animal testing, a practice already deemed unnecessary. Photo Credit: Blogspot.com

I already know how unhealthy cigarettes and other tobacco products are for humans. 480,000 human deaths each year are caused by tobacco products. These outrageous and needless animal experiments need to be replaced before more animals die a tragic death for pointless research that is helping tobacco companies delay real action that will help people!

Manufacturers can effectively use human-based research, human epidemiological and clinical studies, and cutting edge non-animal in vitro technology if they really must test anything. Despite this cruelty and the alternatives, Philip Morris refuses to lay off animals and use only non-animal testing methods.

Just a few days ago I was excited to hear that Lorillard Inc., the third biggest tobacco company in America (they make Newport brand cigarettes), announced it will stop animal testing for its products. It’s time for Philip Morris to do the same, and I need your help to ask them to do it.

This type of tobacco product testing is already banned in the UK and Germany, so this is the time to tell companies in the United States that they need to stop.

Despite living Wisconsin, I’ve been able to meet so many people who share a passion for protecting animals and learn so much about the power one person has to make a difference. Now I’m looking to use the power of online connections again and ask for your signature on my Change.org petition to help animals who have no voice.

Thank you.

TAKE ACTION: Sign Jordan’s Petition Today to Stop Tobacco Testing on Animals!