(CIRCUS ELEPHANTS/ANIMAL WELFARE) Anne, a formerly abused circus elephant, has finally found a forever home. The process took three long years, but Anne is now being provided with accommodations at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park.

However, because Longleat decided against creating an elephant sanctuary, Anne is being forced to live out her remaining years without the necessary company of other elephants.

Anne The Elephant, Zoos, Circus Abuse, Animals Elephants
After waiting three long years, Anne has finally found her forever home in the UK. Photo Credit: Facebook

Taken captive as a baby, Anne quickly became a part of Bobby Roberts’ Circus where she endured horrific abuse.

In 2011, Animal Defenders International (ADI) investigators released footage of Anne being beaten and chained to the ground. After the video was released, Roberts was convicted of animal cruelty in 2012. Ultimately, ADI’s video was the reason for Anne’s placement at Longleat.

Anne moved to Longleat in 2011 where she was placed in their rehabilitation program consisting of veterinary and homeopathic care as well as new features and facilities in her house and paddock.

Anne The Elephant, Zoos, Circus Abuse, Animals Elephants
After promising to build an elephant sanctuary, Longleat has decided to terminate all plans on building such a sanctuary for Anne and other abused and neglected elephants. Photo Credit: Facebook

Despite her forward progress, Longleat believed it would be best not to introduce Anne to other elephants during her rehabilitation.

“Whilst we are in this early rehabilitation process Anne is being assessed and it is felt that is not suitable to introduce any other elephants to Anne at this stage. However this is something we are looking at in the longer term as an essential part of her rehabilitation,” Longleat said in June 2011.

Anne has since completed her rehabilitation program, but is still living in solitude.

ADI’s horrific video footage sparked public outrage, influencing people across the UK to donate to Longleat to help with Anne’s rehabilitation.

Longleat reportedly raised over £335,000 for Anne and promised to use the money to establish an elephant sanctuary. The sanctuary would provide Anne with companionship, while offering a home for other abused and neglected elephants.

But unfortunately, Longleat broke its promise and decided not to build such a sanctuary.

ADI’s Chief Executive Jan Creamer commented on Longleat’s decision by saying:

 “Although we welcome any improvement in Anne’s accommodation and environment, we hope that by the time it is completed it will not be too late for Anne.”

“It is tragic that three years have passed and now it is being confirmed that Anne will remain alone for the rest of her life. The chance of giving Anne companionship appears to have been missed.”

Although Anne is no longer living the miserable life of a circus elephant, she is being denied happiness as elephants are highly intelligent creatures who display very complex social behaviors. Longleat may have saved Anne from her cruel past, but they are preventing her from an ideal future.

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— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal