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Whales Win! Japanese Whaling Finally Comes To An End?

(JAPANESE WHALING/OCEAN CONSERVATION) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and animal activists alike can finally rejoice. In a case against Japan 's JARPA II whaling program, the court agreed that Japan's Southern Ocean whaling was not for scientific research. Thus, all permits given under JAPRA II will be revoked. It has been a long, eight-year battle for Sea Shepherd, but their diligent efforts have finally paid off. Continue reading below to find out more about the landmark court ruling. — Global Animal

Beyoncé Gets Under Our Skin, Adds Cobra To Cruel Wardrobe

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL WELFARE) You can add cobra to Beyoncé and Jay Z's growing closet of animal skins. Beyoncé's rare cobra skin one-legged jumpsuit was reportedly blocked by European customs officials before the start of the Portuguese leg of her world tour last Tuesday. But Beyoncé’s stylists managed to file the proper paperwork with customs just in time for the opening night of her shows in Lisbon, Portugal on Wednesday. — Global Animal

Lovebird & Chihuahua Romance

(DOGS/BIRDS/ANIMAL FRIENDS VIDEO) This unlikely couple enjoys each other so much they don't care what others say about their relationship. They're going to make it work. — Global Animal

Rescued Dog Shows Immense Gratitude

(DOGS/ANIMAL RESCUE VIDEO) This pooch in Romania found himself stuck in a canal. Fortunately, thanks to the help of two heroic men, he was pulled to safety. His gratitude for his rescuers at the end is just too sweet. — Global Animal
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The Sky’s The Limit: Center Channels Creativity To Save Wildlife

New rehabilitation efforts are being made for animals at an animal care facility in Massachusetts.  Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Mass. has begun using what they are referring to as a hydrotherapy pool, which was built by its' staff and volunteers. The pool is currently being used for seabirds and waterfowl; the pool was created to help remove contaminate, speed-up water proofing, and release stress by using a constant stream of cleansed water.

Hunger Games Star Takes Bite Out Of Blood Ivory Trade

(CELEBRITY NEWS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Great news for African elephants, animal advocates and Woody Harrelson. When the Oscar-nominated actor wasn't hunting down a sadistic serial killer in his HBO hit series True Detective, the Hawaii resident was urging lawmakers in his state to help stop another kind of murderer—elephant poachers. And it looks like they were listening. — Global Animal

Baby Elephant Gets Hang Of Having A Trunk

(WILDLIFE/ELEPHANTS/CUTE BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) ENGLAND – This baby elephant at the Whipsnade Zoo discovers his trunk while taking his first steps. After knocking his trunk a couple times, the mini elephant finally gets the hang of it. — Global Animal
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“Noah” Sails Into Animal-Free Waters

(MOVIES/ANIMAL WELFARE) LONDON — Animal Defenders International (ADI) is formally thanking Director Darren Aronofsky of Noah for using computer-generated imagery (CGI) instead of live performing animals in his upcoming film. Performing animals suffer abuse and neglect, and are denied a natural life. With the amount of technology we now have at our fingertips, the use of live animals in film is absolutely outdated and unnecessary.  Read on to learn more about Aronofsky's inspiring efforts and for details on why the use of live animals should be banned. — Global Animal

Pandamonium: Michelle Obama’s Panda Diplomacy

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/PANDAS) CHINA — As part of her week-long visit to China, First Lady Michelle Obama, along with her mother and two daughters, stopped at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The base—which is home to nearly 80 giant pandas as well as a colony of red pandas—closed to the public for her visit. The First Lady feeding a group of pandas certainly made for a fantastic photo op. Watch the video of the family's visit below and read on to find out how panda diplomacy is nothing new between the United States and China. — Global Animal

Little Girl Guides Her Horse Home

(HORSES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch as this adorable little girl named Emma leads her horse Cinnamon back home like a pro. — Global Animal
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Chihuahua’s Life Changed For The Better

(DOGS/ANIMAL RESCUE) Your pets are your family, so why wouldn't you treat them like so? PETA's rescue team recently found and rescued a helpless Chihuahua who was chained outside during the harsh winter. The Chihuahua's guardians refused to let their pup inside, and in return, lost the privilege of having a pet companion (rightfully so!). PETA works hard to help backyard dogs throughout rural Virginia and North Carolina by providing them with necessities such as: a sturdy dog house, fresh food, and bedding. — Global Animal
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A German Photographer’s Ruff Models (GALLERY)

(PICTURES OF ANIMALS/DOGS) Elke Vogelsang is a self-taught professional photographer based in Hildesheim, Germany. Her main job involves photographing people and pets, but in her spare time she focuses on her own trio: Noodles, Loli, and Scout. — Global Animal

Will India Ban Dog Testing?

(ANIMAL TESTING/DOGS) India may be close to ending all testing on dogs. The committee that oversees animal testing in the country has recommended the ban to the Drug Controller General, Dr. G. N. Singh. The Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals, or CPCSEA, believes India should end experimentation on dogs and switch to more humane methods for research. Organizations like the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), Cruelty Free International, and People For Animals India have been influential in the decision. The BUAV and FRAME provided an analysis proving that experiments in toxicity on dogs are ineffectual and ultimately unnecessary. Read the full article below for more on India's animal testing politics. — Global Animal

Two-Legged Boxer’s First Trip To The Beach

(PUPPIES/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Duncan Lou, the world famous and inspirational two-legged boxer puppy, goes to the beach for his very first time. — Global Animal